Saturday, November 15, 2014

A sober month to celebrate.

Just a bit of bitchy humor. 
For many years, at the request of my mother I've spent one month a year sober. My mother is in recovery, she's a part of the AA program and has been sober for some time. She worries that I'll end up with an issue similar to hers. For this reason I take a month off of boozing and enjoy life as a sober person, at her request.

Surprisingly I don't often feel tempted to booze during my sober month. I find that it's a good exercise of will power and really I kind of like the sober perspective. I still go out to bars with friends, I'm just the sober party. I like keeping my same routine, going to bars, attending parties and spending time with friends. I sip on a water or a ginger ale and listen to the drunk babble that I'm usually a part of and it makes me smile. Last night there was drunken chatter of stockpiling oil and being epic an epic wingman and I thought to myself, 'this is awesome, I have the kind of friends who talk about oil stockpiling and solar roads while hammered.' 

If you've never tried to give yourself a boozy break, I do suggest you try it. You'll learn a lot about the people you surround yourself with, some of it will be good, some will be bad and it might give you insight into the kind of relationships you're building. You might find that your friends aren't above trying to peer pressure you into a drink, even though your sobriety is a choice, maybe you'll find that some are more than willing to participate in social activities that don't involve booze or maybe you'll find out that some of your friends are real assholes when they are drunk. 

The real thing is you might learn a lot about your own personal relationship with alcohol. In my years of boozy breaks I've personally inspired a few friends to give it a try. Some have found that their relationship with booze isn't one that is healthy for them. They try to follow their normal routine and find that temptation is too great, or that they cannot be in certain social situations without a bit of social lubricant. While there's not always a problem with having little self control, there is also a fine line between that and alcoholism. 

Alcoholism or alcohol dependence is a real thing. I have seen it first hand, and watching someone you care about fall into a pattern of alcohol abuse is terrifying, confusing and easy to try to and overlook. I don't want to get too preachy on it, because clearly I love boozing, but I do want to encourage you all to do so responsibly. If you or someone you love is suffering from signs of alcoholism, please don't ignore it, ask yourself some questions, start a conversation, offer your support or reach out for help.

If you know of a great resource or have an experience you'd like to share, please leave a comment. 

Drink responsibly, Bitches!  

Love Susan

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why you should get drunk at holiday parties

We've all seen them- those condescending holiday party etiquette rules laid out by the Matha Stewarts and Clinton Kellys of the world. They usually contain some standards like, don't eat all the hors d'oeuvres, don't fuck your date in your aunts powder room, and the one rule that is ever present on every list- DON'T GET DRUNK.

We'll that, my friends, is fucking bullshit.

How awkward are family parties? For most of us, we all only get together a few times a year, and the older we get, the more distance we all have between us. Know what makes all of that go away? Booze! That's right. There's nothing like sitting around a table catching up with cousins you haven't seen since last Thanksgiving over a lovely bottle of whiskey or a few bottles of wine. Personally, I'm partial to the craft beers of the season, especially since winter beers are strong as hell, but you can get as creative as you want.

And let's not forget that there's always a ton of food at these get togethers. Remember when you were home from college on Thanksgiving break, hungover as hell from your night-before-Thanksgiving shenanigans?  Remember how fucking good that turkey tasted after all that drinking? Most of us don't go out for "high school reunion night" (as I affectionately call it) anymore,  but you can still get that same overwhelmingly satisfying feeling of drunk eating by actually, well, drunk eating!

The important thing to remember is that all parties are more fun when you're all drinking and enjoying yourselves. Why people try to shame us into making exceptions for the most wonderful time of the year, I'll never understand. And don't be embarrassed if you get a little sloshed. If you're reading this blog, chances are your family already expects you to be the drunk one. Just don't be the dickhead who shows up empty handed and drink everyone else's booze.

So go forth and drink, and have a wonderfully inebriated holiday season!

Stay drunk, bitches!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Late night at Doc Magrogan's - Mischief Night Party

I've got to tip my tiara to Carlos over at Doc Magrogan's Oyster House in University City, because for the second time in a row he and his staff have shown us a damned good time.

Last time we reviewed a Doc Magrogran's event it was the Lobster Bake which was a fantastic event. Plenty of beer, food, music and dancing. This time it was a bit colder, a bit more inside and still just as fabulous. Who wouldn't have a fabulous time while dressed as a princess wearing make up she learned from drag queen tutorials found on youtube or in Tara's case, dressed as Crybaby Crosby wearing an adult diaper...her costume was a hit. She's totally famous on the internet, check out her now infamous tweet. Costumes are always fun, but do you know what else is a great time, drinking booze out of Fishbowls on a Thursday night. It's even better when those fishbowls full of booze are only $3. You heard me. $3 fishbowls full of booze.

One thing I have to mention that I absolutely love is that live music is a thing at Doc Magrogran's events. There was a lovely fella playing lovely tunes and he even asked for some requests and invited a few lovely party goers the chance to sing a little tune with him. I think it adds so much to have that bit of interaction rather than a stiff DJ playing the songs you'd expect to hear. When a singer with a guitar starts obliging audience's requests for 90's pop hits and everyone gets to sing along to some NSYNC and Britney Spears while still sipping on some fishbowls it's pretty damned difficult to avoid having fun.

The Mischief Night party was full of costumed party guests. The 'BEST COSTUME' of the night was a clear winner, a lady in a 'flasher' costume! It was by far the most hilarious and unique costume I've seen thus far, and her commitment to the shock factor of surprising strangers with her quick flash of pubes, pasties and a flesh toned leotard was fucking amazing.

You deserved the win and congratulations!

If you were at the event be sure to check out our flickr page to see if This Drunk Photographer captured you in your 'sexy something or other' costume. Seriously there were a lot of 'sexy costumes' though I didn't see one person in the Sexy Ebola Nurse costume I was so hoping to see.

Thanks again to Carlos and the Doc Magrogan's staff for showing us a wonderful time! We'll be back again soon, besides those late night specials are hard to beat!

Quick tip: be sure to follow Doc Magrogans on facebook to keep an eye out for posts on upcoming events, and be sure to let them know This Drunk Bitch sent you.

Stay drunk, Bitches!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What are you doing on the Eve of Halloween?

If you've been dying to wear your costume as often as you possibly can here's another reason to put on whatever costume you want and maybe win some money!

Our friends at Doc Magrogan's are throwing a little Mischief night party for you to enjoy! With $1 Pumpkin shots, $2 mixed drinks, $3 fireball shots (you guys are gross, but you probably love this crap), and $3 select fishbowls how can you go wrong?

Want to really go out, check out the $30 open bar package! What?! This the season to get drunk and dress like...well anything you want.

Be sure to visit us at the event, Thursday October 30th from 9 - midnight. You'll likely find me knee deep in fishbowls (sober months starts for me on Saturday) and who knows, maybe T will be downing fist-fulls of fireball.

Oh and if you were looking for a way to really rock out in  what could possibly be the WORST costume of the season, I just want to let you know that a Sexy Ebola Nurse costume actually exists. If you're a fella, bonus points if you go sexy ebola nurse this season!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Get drunk, help cats.

Well here's a charity event that we can get behind! Be sure to purchase your tickets to Eat. Drink & Learn. an event to benefit PAWS hosted by Bistrot La Minette.

I do love PAWS, I can't say enough about how much the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society does for animals in this city. Now you're pairing that with wine and Bistrot La Minette?! Umm yes please! Peter Woolsey knows his way around French cuisine and this event will certainly be an awesome one.

Don't wait, buy your tickets today!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When Bacon Breaks Your Heart -or- The Pennsylvania Bacon Festival review.

The Pennsylvania Bacon Festival wasn't just a flop, it wasn't going through first year hiccups, it was a poorly planned disaster! Then when ticket holders began complaining on the facebook page, things got really bad as the event hosts then deleted customer complaints. We all know that hiding negative opinions on the internet isn't going to work, what works is addressing your customers' concerns and making changes to be sure you're pleasing the majority of your guests. I can tell you that the majority was bored and dissatisfied. You shouldn't be deleting the comments! You can read more feedback from attendees on the Xfinity Live! facebook post.

We didn't have high expectations going in because This Drunk Bitch has been to enough first time events to know that these events are typically going to run into some issues and they will be a learning experience, but we weren't prepared to be this disappointed. The press release boasted of 40,000 bacon samples, cocktail demonstrations and a special appearance by some bar rescue fella, it sounded like a great time. We made a teaser post encouraging you, our readers to attend and for that I am very embarrassed and very sorry. If we had known that
this festival was only going to be 10 lines that would take 2.5 hours to collect tiny nondescript samples we wouldn't have wasted our day at it either. This wasn't a festival, it was a collection of people who paid to wait for hours in queues. The mumbles from the crowd were unhappy ones, some saying that the festival opened up nearly 45 minutes late, others unhappy because the only thing VIP got you was access to the PBR bar which really wasn't sectioned off or difficult to get into, more grunts and grumbles because the beer prices were too expensive. We're talking $10 for a 32 oz can of Miller High life expensive. Each regular ticket came with 4 sample tickets, and you'll be excited to hear that after waiting for an hour or so in line your ticket might get you 2 ritz crackers with a smear of bacon jam, two small slim jim sized 'bacon slim jims' from a vendor that had no name, maybe you waited for 2.5 hours in the line to get a bacon slider and spent up your tickets there because fuck it, why not?

I decided that based on how miserable we were with this event, that I would get my hands dirty and find out who exactly is to blame for this mess. Well it looks as if two companies came together for it. Charm City Hospitality which is a MD based catering business and Steez Promo, clearly a promotional company whose contact information matches that of the fella we originally pitched when this event was going to be at the Piazza. It's clear to me that these two companies came together and created this event as a total cash grab. The prices were astronomical, the fact that there seemed to be more things for sale then there were samples and the lack of vendors SCREAMS cash grab. I'm still not sure what was supposed to be in the voodoo tent, but they obviously had enough at the previous event and didn't even bother showing here in Philadelphia. Oh if you were wondering, this event has now taken place in several cities, so while yes, it is the first year, they should have learned something from the previous events that may have saved them here. They clearly learned nothing.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This Drunk Drink Lab presents 'The Hot and Dirty Sue' - with Dirty Sue Olive Juice.

We were lucky enough to make the virtual acquaintance of a fella who runs things over at Dirty Sue and he sent us the most brilliant care package EVER! Included in the package, Dirty Sue Olive Juice, Dirty Sue Jalepeno Stuffed Onions, Dirty Sue Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, Dirty Sue Feta Stuffed Pepperoncinis and a bottle of HauteVodka (which is my new favorite vodka, so thank you for that!).

Now I accidentally met Dirty Sue a few years ago, when for Christmas a friend bought me a bottle because one, the name is hilarious and I'm also a dirty Sue and two because I fucking love dirty martinis. On my first introduction to Dirty Sue I was pretty quickly in love and on my revisit, it's still love.

We've been talking about getting up some video posts for a bit now, and here you have it! Check out our video to snag the recipe for the Hot and Dirty Sue!

Once again a big thank you to Dirty Sue for sending us these awesome products, we had so much fun playing in drink lab.

*Disclosure, we received these products for free, however all opinions are our own honest as hell opinions.