Thursday, March 26, 2015

The 3rd Annual Bourbon Battle - Recap

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I'm always excited when my boozing habits help me support organizations that I love. Which is exactly why The Bourbon Battle hosted by The Trestle Inn to support PAWS - 3 years running- is an event I love! Drink booze, help cats? I can totally get behind that!

For those who aren't familiar, the Bourbon Battle brings together 4 of Philadelphia's finest bartenders (two of my fucking favorites this year) to battle over creative cocktail concoctions with Woodford Reserve.

Now let's talk about the cocktails!

First up we tried out the Jonny Five - with Woodford Reserve, Chartreuse, Aperol, Lemon Juice, Amaro and expressed orange peel. The creation of Jonny Sherlock of The Industry.

The aroma of this cocktail was purely that of the orange peel, and sadly all that I could taste was the bitter of the pith. This was one of those times when 'less is more' would have worked out. Sorry Jonny, this one didn't do it for me.

Next up we tried out the Meyer Lansky (he was a nice man) - with Woodford Reserve, Aperaol, Sherry, Meyer Lemon Juice, Byrrh, Meyer Lemon Foam and Tarragon. Alison Hangen of The Olde Bar concocted this bourbon treat.

Simply put, the citrus was all I could taste. I think for people who don't love bourbon this was a plus, but for me it was sad to note that the meyer lemon juice and the lemon foam totally overpowered the taste of the bourbon. The tarragon was lost...and wilted.

This is the cocktail that won the night, so hey, to each their own.

For our third taste of the night we went for Eve's Temptation - with Woodford Reserve, Laird's 7 1/2
year old apple brandy, spiced quince syrup, ramazotti amaro, cardamom bitters, whiskey barrel aged bitters and expressed grapefruit peel. This magical combination was created by The Trestle Inn's own Katie Loeb.

I don't care what the ballots say, I cast my vote for Eve's Temptation! This was perfection in a glass, it was complex and highlighted the bourbon perfectly, the flavors were so complimentary that sinfully delcious is actually a perfect description. The cardamom playing on the quince and the finish of just a hint of citrus. Katie was robbed - she won This Drunk Bitches vote.

Lastly we perked up with the Lauds - with Woodford Reserve, cafe patron, black walnut bitters and Iced coffee. Neill Laughlin of Sassafras bar mixed up this boozy treat.

I was mixed on this. I loved that it was so different, a bold move indeed, but I was just a bit sad that it didn't have a thicker consistency and I really wanted to taste more of the walnut bitters, because WALNUT BITTERS!! Irish coffee with a twist!

After all is said and done it was great event, with a great crowd and supporting an organization like PAWS makes them all winners!

Be sure to check out more photos from the event on our Flickr page - This Drunk Photographer might have just caught your Resting Bitch Face. There was a lot of RBF. 

If you weren't able to make it to the Bourbon Battle, we hope to see you there next year! In the mean time be sure to make a donation to PAWS

Oh and Imma let you finish, but Katie Loeb's cocktail was the best fucking cocktail at this event. 

Stay drunk, Bitches!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Palcohol powdered booze that's not for snorting.

New in booze news: Palcohol is sorta legal. Palcohol, a way to carry your booze in powered form, is raising some eyebrows. It got initial approval in 2014 but because of some controversy the product was quickly banned, and now it's back! While some states are working to ban the product, it's street legal and ready to pouch party.

What is Palcohol? Quite simply it's powered booze. Just add water and you've got a cocktail. One pouch of powdered booze is equal to one shot of regular booze.

Palcohol's creator, Mark Phillips says that he came up with this idea because he's an avid hiker and he didn't feel like carrying those pesky bottles with him. Flasks clearly were also not an option so this guy had to get innovative. Know what sounds like a great idea? Drunk hiking....especially if you're in the middle of nowhere...yea...drunk hiking.

Mark Phillips is pretty pissed off that the only thing people are focused are the negative issues associated with Palcohol. He says it's ridiculous to think that people might snort this product because it burns. I say, kids do stupid shit. Like pouring booze in their butts, so who knows what the outcome will be.

He says it won't increase the chances of spiked drinks, because the powder simply takes too long to dissolve.

He's really defending his product. I'd try it...I'm game.

What do you think? Will you be trying out Palcohol?

Stay drunk, Bitches!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beer, taking a stand on climate change.

Craft beer is really taking on social issues as of late! While Flying Dog was taking on Freedom of Speech with it's recent court ruling over Raging Bitch, it seems some other craft beer breweries were joining the call to action for climate change.

That's right, the official stance of TDB is that climate change is real, you don't have to agree, you can just fuck off.

Last night twenty-four breweries signed the Brewery Climate Declaration and are ready to take action. They see the impact that climate change has on the industry, the warmer temps, droughts making clean water hard to access and major weather events are creating problems for hops, the price of which has increased over 250% in the last decade!

Join in by signing the declaration!

Here's the full list of breweries that signed:
  • Aeronaut Brewing Company (MA)
  • The Alchemist (VT)
  • Allagash Brewing Company (ME)
  • Aspen Brewing Company (CO)
  • Brewery Vivant (MI)
  • Buoy Beer Company (OR)
  • Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen (WA)
  • Deschutes Brewery (OR)
  • Fort George Brewery and Public House (OR)
  • Fremont Brewing Company (WA)
  • Georgetown Brewing Co. (WA)
  • Guinness (Ireland)
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery (OR)
  • Kona Brewing Company (HI)
  • New Belgium Brewing (CO)
  • Ninkasi Brewing Company (OR)
  • Odell Brewing (CO)
  • Redhook Brewery (WA, NH)
  • Rockford Brewing Company (MI)
  • Smuttynose Brewing Company (NH)
  • Snake River Brewing Co. (WY)
  • Standing Stone Brewing Co. (OR)
  • Wet Dog Café & Brewery (OR)
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing (OR)

I'd really love to see some of our local craft beer breweries take a stand!

You can check out the full press release on

Stay drunk, Bitches! 

Heady Topper is coming to town! It's a beer lovers dream.

Exciting news for you hop lovers! Heady Topper by The Alchemist is coming to Philly, just in time for happy hour today! That's right, 5 lucky bars are getting 10 cases, 250 cans to sell. You're looking at dropping $7 -$8 a can, but for a beer that the BeerAdvocate ranks as top dog, world-class, you might find this one well worth it!

Make sure to drink it out of the can, because John Kimmich - owner says so!

                   From the Alchemist's post:
"Each of the following bars will receive 10 cases of Heady (240 cans). More than enough to go around. The price will vary from $7-$8 per 16 ounce can. Each place is planning to begin sales during 'Happy Hour'. We have included websites and facebook pages so that you can follow up for more info.
City Tap House
2 Logan Square
Philadelphia, PA

Monks Café
264 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Good Dog
224 South 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA

216 South 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Bru Craft and Wurst
1318 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 

Stay Drunk, Bitches! 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Flying dog rages on! Beer protects freedom!

Raging Bitch label art, illustrated by Ralph Steadman

In 2009 the Michigan Liquor Control Commissioners decided to ban the sale of Raging Bitch, a Belgian-Style IPA, as a ruled today, in doing so they violated Flying Dog Brewery's First Amendment right. FREEDOM OF SPEECH, BITCHES!!

"The Commission originally deemed the Raging Bitch label “detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the general public” and prohibited the beer from being sold in Michigan. Flying Dog found that to be an appalling attempt at state censorship, as well as a clear violation of its First Amendment rights.

“Let this be another lesson to the politically-correct crowd. There’s no free ride for violating Americans’ free speech rights,” Flying Dog Attorney Alan Gura, of Washington, DC-based Gura & Possessky, PLLC, said. “In 21st Century America, officials cannot ban words, artwork and poetry they dislike. Illegal censorship causes real harm, and Michigan’s liquor commissioners will now be made to pay real money for the damage they've done.” 

As fans of the word bitch, Raging Bitch IPA and beer, we were pretty damned excited to read that our friends over at Flying Dog Brewery will be able to recover damages lost during the ban. Beer = freedom fighters. Thank you Flying Dog and Alan Gura, you're our heroes!

About Flying Dog Brewery:
As one of the fastest-growing regional craft breweries in the mid-Atlantic, Flying Dog has been brewing world-class beer that pushes the confines of traditional styles for 25 years. Flying Dog attracts everyone from craft beer connoisseurs to those just catching the wave with up to 20 styles available at any given time and its Gonzo ties to writer Hunter S. Thompson and artist Ralph Steadman. Named the Mid-Size Craft Brewery of the Year at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival (the highest honor for its size in the United States), recent accolades for Flying Dog include its Pale Ale ranked as the #1 American Pale Ale in the U.S. by The New York Times. For more information, please visit

Jim Caruso
CEO, Flying Dog Brewery

Alan Gura
Partner, Gura and Possessky, PLLC

Stay drunk, Bitches! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Brewer's Plate is This Weekend!

The 11th Annual Brewer's Plate returns to the Kimmel Center this Sunday, March 8th. Surprisingly, there are still some tickets available, so you should definitely go. The event will take place on all three floors of the Kimmel Center starting at 6:30 PM.

This local food and drink extravaganza benefits Fair Food, which is a great organization that anyone who gives even half a shit about food can get behind. Fair Food works to bring "healthy local food to the marketplace and promoting a humane, sustainable agriculture system for the region." In this day and age, we need them more than ever.

So what better way to support a great organization than to eat a bunch of food and get drunk? And there will be no shortage of food or booze. More great details, ticket info and the ridiculous list of participants after the jump.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Times are tough for This Drunk Bitch. Back in January, I broke my ankle in a less than graceful, less than sober tumble down the steps. Since pain pills and crutches make it nearly impossible to go out drinking, I've temporarily traded boozy nights out for a lot of time on the couch with my leg elevated.
My life for the last two months.
But there was no way I was going to let that keep me from Philly Cooks. This was my first year attending arguably the biggest food/drink event of the year, so I braved the cold, rain and pain and headed for the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, crutches in tow.