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Saturday, April 25, 2015

FREE BEER TODAY! No, Seriously.

I'm not kidding. There is a totally free fucking beer festival today. No, there is no catch.

Today, from 12-4, Cottman Beverages is hosting a free beer festival. For those unacquainted with the Northeast, Cottman Beverages is a beer distributor in Mayfair that specializes in craft beers. It's one of my favorite in the area because I prefer to buy beer by the case or 12 pack instead of goofing around with individual bottles at the six pack shops. And their selection is really, really impressive.

There will also be giveaways from several breweries AND free food samples from the Grey Lodge! If you're not familiar with Grey Lodge, it's one of the original craft beer bars in Philly, and they serve some kick ass food. They're located on Frankford Ave as well, in case you want to keep the party going after the fest.

If that isn't a reason to go to the Northeast, I got nothin. It's really not as far as it seems. Get your ass there!

Cottman Beverages
7544 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19136

Stay drunk (for free!), bitches!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The time has come for you to make history, with Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin.

Dear Philadelphia,

Some of you may have heard that Philadelphia Distilling released a limited edition gin, Bluecoat American Dry Gin that spends 3 months aging to perfection in new american oak barrels. The result is a beautiful spirit with a finish of oak perfection, made only 6 barrels at a time! It's name, Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin.

For you whiskey lovers...this is the time to give gin another go, because you're going to find that Bluecoat's barrel finished gin quenches a thirst you never knew you had.

What you may not know is that this limited release is an opportunity, an opportunity for you to put your money where your liver is! That's right, to keep this beautiful booze available full time at PLCB I'm asking you to get off your ass, go out and spend 35 bucks on a bottle of booze made right here in Philadelphia. A unique, well rounded, amber colored bottle of perfection. It really is your chance to experience history in the making, in a city that has already made a fuck-ton (accurate measurement) of history already!

Not sure what you'd do with something so perfect? That's fair, I'll tell you, you're going to drink it,
you're going to drink the fuck out of it! You're going to make a unique DURRTY Martini for your friends and they are going to envy the hell out of your life choices, because you obviously know how to live, and they can only dream of it.

Now get out to your nearest PA Wine & Liquor store and buy several bottles, SEVERAL! You only have until April, 30th 2015! HURRY!

Stay drunk, Bitches. Drunk on Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The 3rd Annual Bourbon Battle - Recap

Click here to see more photos
I'm always excited when my boozing habits help me support organizations that I love. Which is exactly why The Bourbon Battle hosted by The Trestle Inn to support PAWS - 3 years running- is an event I love! Drink booze, help cats? I can totally get behind that!

For those who aren't familiar, the Bourbon Battle brings together 4 of Philadelphia's finest bartenders (two of my fucking favorites this year) to battle over creative cocktail concoctions with Woodford Reserve.

Now let's talk about the cocktails!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Palcohol powdered booze that's not for snorting.

New in booze news: Palcohol is sorta legal. Palcohol, a way to carry your booze in powered form, is raising some eyebrows. It got initial approval in 2014 but because of some controversy the product was quickly banned, and now it's back! While some states are working to ban the product, it's street legal and ready to pouch party.

What is Palcohol? Quite simply it's powered booze. Just add water and you've got a cocktail. One pouch of powdered booze is equal to one shot of regular booze.

Palcohol's creator, Mark Phillips says that he came up with this idea because he's an avid hiker and he didn't feel like carrying those pesky bottles with him. Flasks clearly were also not an option so this guy had to get innovative. Know what sounds like a great idea? Drunk hiking....especially if you're in the middle of nowhere...yea...drunk hiking.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beer, taking a stand on climate change.

Craft beer is really taking on social issues as of late! While Flying Dog was taking on Freedom of Speech with it's recent court ruling over Raging Bitch, it seems some other craft beer breweries were joining the call to action for climate change.

That's right, the official stance of TDB is that climate change is real, you don't have to agree, you can just fuck off.

Last night twenty-four breweries signed the Brewery Climate Declaration and are ready to take action. They see the impact that climate change has on the industry, the warmer temps, droughts making clean water hard to access and major weather events are creating problems for hops, the price of which has increased over 250% in the last decade!

Join in by signing the declaration!

Heady Topper is coming to town! It's a beer lovers dream.

Exciting news for you hop lovers! Heady Topper by The Alchemist is coming to Philly, just in time for happy hour today! That's right, 5 lucky bars are getting 10 cases, 250 cans to sell. You're looking at dropping $7 -$8 a can, but for a beer that the BeerAdvocate ranks as top dog, world-class, you might find this one well worth it!

Make sure to drink it out of the can, because John Kimmich - owner says so!

                   From the Alchemist's post:
"Each of the following bars will receive 10 cases of Heady (240 cans). More than enough to go around. The price will vary from $7-$8 per 16 ounce can. Each place is planning to begin sales during 'Happy Hour'. We have included websites and facebook pages so that you can follow up for more info.
City Tap House
2 Logan Square
Philadelphia, PA

Monks Café
264 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Good Dog
224 South 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA

216 South 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Bru Craft and Wurst
1318 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 

Stay Drunk, Bitches!