Saturday, July 19, 2014

Danger ahead for our Pop up Beer Garden scene.

Independence Beer Garden Old CityPhoto Credit: @ilovephila
A recent article by The Daily News may have doomed our summer of beer gardens. After a post detailing the loopholes in the liquor laws that allows for these Philly beer gardens to pop up, some legislators have decided that it's time to take it away!
 Last year we had a few really wonderful beer gardens, and this summer there's been one popping up seemingly every week, it's been grand. Places like Fergie's and the American Sardine bar have joined the beer garden trend and really who's complaining about it? No one, well almost no one. John Taylor, Paul Costa, Cuck Mcllhinney and Jim Ferlo have signed a letter that wages war on the catering loophole. There's also mention of a Monday meeting with the LCB chairman, Joseph Brion.
Look, these pop up beer gardens have been great for the city! They do everything that businesses say they
Fergie's Beer Garden Photo credit: Eater
think restaurant week does, except they do it well. These pop ups draw people into the city, they celebrate otherwise wasted space, they add highlights to neighborhoods that are otherwise ignored and they give us more outside space to socialize! Plus the greenery is great for the environment and the BEES! THE BEES ARE IMPORTANT.

If you happen to be a constituent of one of these guys: John Taylor, Paul Costa, Cuck Mcllhinney and Jim Ferlo, please call them and tell them to eat many dicks. Then tell them to leave our beer gardens alone.


Stay drunk, Bitches.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Two bottomless hours of booze.

Bottomless immediatly reminds me of my hatred of pants, but I'm fairly certian you've got to have your bottom covered to enjoy the Bubbly Brunch at Pennsylvania 6. I noticed this beauty posted on facebook just a bit ago and figured I'd want to tell our bitches about it.

I love bottomless boozy brunches, and this one gives you an entree and 2 full on hours of boozing for only $29 EVERY Saturday and Sunday.

What are some of your favorite places for bottomless boozy brunches? SHARE YOUR SECRETS!

Stay drunk, Bitches!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Old City does whatever the fuck it wants.

Old City has all sorts of things going on  lately, I work there, Serrano has Ranch Road Taco Shop in the kitchen for a pop up this summer (5 till midnight Wednesday through Saturday) and now Old City is having a restaurant week of their very own, because fuck the other restaurant week.

 July 20th through the 27th enjoy reasonably priced eats at some of my Old City favorites, and while you're there spend the money you're saving on food by drinking your face off.

Sassafras and The Victoria Freehouse are in the $15 category with some fairly lovely menu options. Grab a Sagroni at Sassafras, and I'd suggest a bramble at The Victoria Freehouse.

In the $25 category hit up Panorama for delicious eats, and more wine than a person should consume in a lifetime. The options there on wine are mind boggling and you should drink until your teeth are stained with the blood of Christ.

In the $35 category, OH HEY BIG SPENDER, why not pack up your own booze and head to Wedge + Fig. A little known secret is their outdoor dining area which is so perfect I can't tell you how much perfection is there. Take a friend, and too many bottles of wine, add in a bubbly for dessert and you're all set.

While normally I stay far away from restaurant weeks, this one has my attention.

Stay drunk, bitches!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An update from This Drink Bitch.

Hey everyone! We know it's been ages since we've posted. For that we apologize. It's simply that sometimes life gets in the way.

One Drunk Bitch - T. just bought a house and is moving. Be sure to pass congratulations her way. If you're wondering her house warming party is going to be full of drunk bitches and not open to the public. It's an exclusive venue, you're probably not invited.

The other Drunk Bitch - S. has a new job and is getting into the swing of working normal people hours again. After working from home for many years it's a tough transition and I have to work out a nice schedule so that I'm planning my time to write.

That all being said, we love you, bitches.

If you're looking for something to do on Thursday there's going to a screening under the stars over at The Great Plaza at Penn's Landing and This Drunk Bitch has decided to make it a byob event. Make it discreet folks, there are still laws about booze in public, but since that event is open to the public we can't kick you out!

After the movie you should pop over to Spruce Street Harbor Park because that place is just BEAUTIFUL! We hit up the #WhyILovePhilly preview party there last week and were blown away. A post on that is coming your way soon. Probably this evening, because work has to happen first.

That's all for now bitches! Feel free to let us know about boozy events coming up. We're going to have some tickets to giveaway for an event that involves a mother fucking stay tuned for that also!

Stay drunk, Bitches!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Xfinity Live Summer Fest and exclusive $10 promo code!

As some of you may or may not know, Xfinity Live! Summerfest is this weekend. This is one of the better beer festivals in the area, and definitely the most kickass party at Xfinity Live! I was This Drunk Bitch at last year's event, and it looks like this year will be even better. There are estimating 140+ beers from 75+ breweries, with a focus on summer and early fall beers.

Xfinity Live! is also planning to have tons of live music, VIP lounges, plenty of food, lots of gluten free beer/cider selections, and more shit than I have room to write here. Then, you can stick around after the event for the "Kick the Keg" after party and enjoy $3 craft beers until they are gone! And, can you believe they're also letting everyone park for FREE? And if you don't drive, they are running a deal with Uber that will get you back to Center City practically for free. That's pretty bad ass. Check out the official site for all the details on breweries, activities, parking, rides, and pretty much everything else you can think of ever wanting to know about this awesome fucking event.

And as promised, you'll get $10 off your tickets with the exclusive promo code "DRUNKBITCH". Click here to get your tickets. If you're not doing anything on Saturday, or shit, even if you are, this is not an event to miss!

Stay drunk, bitches!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keating's River Grill and Kick the Keg Wing Fest

This past Sunday, I said goodbye to Philly Beer week at the Kick the Keg Wing Fest at Keating's River Grill. It was a real treat because, believe it or not, I'd never been here before. Now, after spending a lovely afternoon enjoying the views and good company here, I'm sad that I'm only just now discovering Keating's.

First of all, Keating's is right on the river so the view is fantastic. On a beautiful summer day, this is a prime location for some quality day drinking.

Fucking beautiful view
The Kick the Keg Wing Fest Activities were pretty excellent as well. For only $30, they offered all you can drink craft beers from a list of some great local summery craft selections and a free plate of wings. Jackie, our awesome bartender, recommended we try to parmesan garlic wings, which were spectacular. We all agreed that these need to be put on the regular menu right away.

I can't wait to come back to Keating's. We had such a good time, and I'm really excited to try the rest of their menu, particularly the Bar Food Menu. I noticed some really fresh looking menu items, which is a great change of pace from the typical fried-food-only bar menu, and for some very reasonable prices. There will also be a 6th of July Fireworks Buffet (adults $28 and kids $15), which sounds like a great way to spend the evening with one of the best vantage points in the city.

Definitely check this place out as soon as you can. You won't regret it!

Stay drunk, bitches!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Opening Tap at the 23rd Street Armory

  As you may or may not know, This Drunk Bitch was invited to attend Philly Beer Week's Opening Tap this past Friday. There were wall to wall tables with plenty of beers for sampling, live music, and of course the H.O.G. - that's the Hammer of Glory for those of you who have been living in a cave for the last 6 years. It was definitely one hell of an event.
Holding, not Jon Hamm's H.O.G.

There were so many beers to taste. Some were delicious, and others closely resembled toilet water (I'm looking at you, Manayunk Brewing Co.).

My favorite of the day was probably The Berliner from Round Guys Brewing. The beer itself is face-puckeringly sour, and then they add a touch of raspberry syrup to mellow it out. Personally, I like it both ways, and I really can't get enough of all of the fantastic sour beers out there right now.

Naked Brewing Company had yet another win with their Carpe Noctem, a black IPA with bold, roasted malts but a low alcohol content to make this a scrumptious session beer for a cool summer night around the fire. They also brought their delicious Pomegranate Wheat beer, for which I have already professed my love. Naked Brewing Company has really been knocking out some quality brews, and they are one of my top breweries to watch.
Katrina Culley and This Drunk Bitch

Aside from the excellent beer and music, we were also treated to the presence of some of the best food trucks around- Vernalicious and Cow & the Curd.

We also ran into Katrina Culley who runs the blog, just a spoonful of burpees just in time for some drunken photos and to spill beer on Sue's boobs. *wink*

Now for the 'I don't really like beer' or Sue perspective. I'll start off by cheering on the Cow & Curd because there is something just so damned perfect about that fried cheesy goodness. If you see that truck, you stop, you order and you eat.

I loved the live band, that was a fantastic touch and most of the night I wanted to dance, but there was no time for dancing when there were beers to try!

Why hello stout that I love.
I tried a lot of beer, I really did, but I didn't love most of it. I did LOVE the Big Gruesome Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout by Spring House. It made Sweet Baby Jesus look like 'Meh baby jesus'. It wasn't too thick, just the right amount of sweet and not too 'hoppy' on the finish. I apparently hate the hops. That dry bitter sensation on the back of my tongue just, blech.

I also really liked the Stegmaier High Dive enough to go back for a second taste. I found that it was really crisp and rather refreshing. It might have been the most drinkable beer I tried. You heard that non-beer drinkers, it's a drinkable one. Get it.

Really this is turning into a series of beer posts, and we've got to up our boozing game! I'll be on the hunt for amazing booze events to tell you all about, but for now enjoy #PBW2014, while I go have a few Negronis.

Stay drunk, Bitches!