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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Trestle Inn's 4th Annual Bourbon Battle

This is an event you bourbon drinking animal lovers are simply not allowed to miss! The battle begins Wednesday March 23rd, at 6pm through 9pm at The Trestle Inn - 11th and Callowhill.

The 4th Annual bourbon battle, hosted by The Trestle Inn and sponsored by Woodford Reserve with proceeds benefiting ACCT Philly Pet Food Pantry is always a great time! Cast your vote for the best cocktail and feel really good knowing that $25 of your ticket price is directly helping those in need feed their furry loves.

This year our contenders are:

They've got two new locations participating in the battle this year, and having dined and drank at both I'm really excited to see what they bring. Side note: there are these spinach chips at Charlie was a sinner that are so fucking good I've been dreaming of them since I had them two weeks ago. Mmmmmm so good, so so good. 

Alright the nitty gritty: the tickets aren't going to break your bank, if you buy them ahead of time you're only spending $35 and if you wait until you show up, you're paying $40. I always encourage people to buy tickets in advance, events like this do have limited space and you might be beat if you walk to the Eraserhood thinking you're going to sip your beverages and watch some Go Go without having a purchased a ticket in advance. What your ticket includes - first and foremost it includes Tara and I in attendance which means DRUNK BITCHES! you're also going to get to try all 4 cocktails so you can vote for the winner, complimentary Hors D'oerveres (please note that if you have time to grab a snack before, you may want to, they aren't providing you with dinner), a silent auction and raffle prizes and Go Go dancing! 

This event is such fun every year - and there's hope that we won't be assaulted with too much fucking citrus (I won't name names but JS you know who you are, BACK AWAY FROM THE DAMNED CITRUS.).

We'll see you at the Trestle! Stay drunk, Bitches! 

Friday, March 4, 2016

A fond farewell to BOAKS beer

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that New Jersey-based BOAKS beer will be closing up their operations for good by the summer.

The pretzel necklace has jerky on it!
There aren't many details as to why this happened, but we are deeply saddened to hear this news. We'd met Brian on several occasions at various beer events and always really appreciated his enthusiasm about his beer. Brian also introduced me to the beauty that is the PRETZEL AND JERKY necklace! The man is pure genius. 

BOAKS beer always knew how to rock a beer festival. Their times releases always ensured they had the longest line every single time. They've never been afraid to be adventurous with creations like Flamethrower, a Belgian Brown Ale with notes of spice and chocolate. They have gotten us VERY drunk on more than one occasion with their Monster Mash, an intensely flavored Russian Imperial Stout with roasty, fruity, chocolatey notes that too an almost too perfect job at masking the 10% alcohol content. They introduced us to Wooden Beanie - Two Blind Monks beer aged in Jack Daniels barrels with Madagascar vanilla beans - which is still one of my favorite beers ever - even Sue (who we all know hates beer) LOVES it!

There is some good news, though. You will still have a few chances to sample their delicious brews before they close up shop. Stop by and see them, and be sure to wish them well.

March 5th Philly Craft Beer Festival at The Navy Yard - THIS WEEKEND!
April 8th & 9th AC Beerfest Atlantic City Convention Center
April 21st Grey Lodge Pub Northeast Philly (a not to miss event)
May 14th Mt Hope Beerfest Renaissance Festival Grounds Manheim PA
June 4th Philly Great Beer Expo (Last planned festival at the moment, should be crazy)

Stay drunk, bitches!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Brewer's Plate is almost here!!
It's the most wonderful time of the year, no not Christmas, Brewer's Plate season!

The Brewer's Plate at the Kimmel Center has long been heralded as one of the best (if not THE best) events in Philadelphia. Now in their 12th year and still in their home at the Kimmel Center, the beer-and-food pairing event of the year is pulling out all the stops to make this a night to remember.

This year, they added the VIP Plus ticketing option (which has been long sold out - but there were only 150 available). This gives ticket holders ultra exclusive access to an event within an event in the Hamilton Garden above the Perelman Theater, where Victory and Allagash Brewing will collaborate with chefs from The Garces Group to create some out of this world pairings, and then a winner will be chosen by the attendees! We can only hope that this will be a successful pre-event so that we can look our for it next year.

Photo Credit: Donna Conner, Sean Fitzgerald, and Stephen Lyford
BUT, all hope is not lost, bitches! There is still the regular VIP hour that you should definitely take advantage of! Not only do you get a WHOLE EXTRA HOUR to sample all of the deliciousness, but there are always extra goodies reserved only for the VIPs, and you get a super fancy Brewer's Plate Tasting Glass. Last year, it included some great cocktails mixed up by the folks at Drink Philly, and some exclusive brews that the general admission folks didn't have an opportunity to sample.

However, let's face it - even if you don't have the cash to spring for the VIP, you will have a fantastic time with a General Admission ticket as well. Let's not forget, with the help of Rolling Barrel Events, this event celebrates Fair Food, a wonderful non-profit "dedicated to bringing healthy local food to the marketplace and promoting a humane, sustainable agriculture system for the region." They help farmers stay in business and they help you to have access to fresh, local food. So help them out by attending their kick ass event!

The VIP plus hour starts at 4:30pm, regular VIP ($99) starts at 5:30pm, and General Admission ($64) starts at 6:30pm. The event ends at 9:30pm. Purchase your tickets here.

If you still aren't sure if you should attend, just take a look at this fucking participant list!

2nd Story Brewing Co.
Alla Spina
Bainbridge Street Barrelhouse
Bar Ferdinand
Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery
Birchrun Hills Farm
Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse
Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen
Cherry Grove Farm
City Tap House
Devil's Den
The Farm at Doe Run
Éclat Chocolate
El Camino Real
Epic Pickles
Fair Food Farmstand
Food Underground
Good Dog
Good Spoon Soups
Guerrilla Ultima
High Street on Market
London Grill
McCrossen's Tavern
Misconduct Tavern
Mugshots Coffeehouse
Night Kitchen Bakery
Revolution Taco
South Philadelphia Tap Room
Tap Room on 19th
The Belgian Cafe
The Industry
Urban Farmer
Varga Bar
Vegan Commisary
Victory Brewing Co.
Weckerly’s Ice Cream
Whetstone Tavern
Wild Flour Bakery

2SP Brewing Co.
2nd Story Brewing Co.
Allagash Brewing Co.
Angry Orchard
Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery
Bluebird Distilling
Brooklyn Brewery
Cape May Brewing Co.
Conshohocken Brewery Co.
Dock Street Brewing Co.
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Evil Genius Beer Co.
Evolution Brewing Co.
Flying Fish Brewing Co.
Forest & Main Brewing Co.
Frecon's Cidery
Free Will Brewing Co.
Iron HIll Brewery
Lancaster Brewing Co.
Manatawny Still Works
McKenzie Brew House
Naked Brewing Co.
Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.
Nodding Head Brewery 
Philadelphia Brewing Co.
Philadelphia Distilling
River Horse Brewing Co.
Round Guys Brewing Co.
Saint Benjamin Brewing Co.
Sam Adams
Saucony Creek Brewing Co.
ShawneeCraft Brewing Co.
Sly Fox Brewing Co.
SØLE Artisan Ales
Spirit Forward
Stone & Key Cellars
Stoudts Brewing Co.
Subarashii Kudamono
Susquehanna Brewing Co.
The Other Farm Brewing Co.
Three Springs Fruit Farm
Tröegs Independent Brewing
Vault Brewing Co.
Victory Brewing Co.
Weyerbacher Brewing Co.
Wyndridge Farm Brewing
Yards Brewing Co.

So hurry up and buy your tickets, and we'll see you there!

Stay drunk, bitches!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Award Winning Philly Craft Beer Fest returns to the Navy Yard on March 5th!

That's right, bitches. One of our favorite festivals is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and they're celebrating big. With selections from over 75 breweries and an impressive lineup of food trucks, it looks Starfish Junction and are putting together another event to remember.
Once again, they will be having their famous VIP session. This gives festival goers an hour all to themselves before general admission starts, as well as access to an exclusive selection of beers that will only be available during the VIP hour, including one of your last chances to sample BOAKS Monster Mash before they close up shop for good (We'll tell you all about that another time). I have talked about VIP hours at these festivals before, and I really can't reiterate enough how very worth it this is. There are no lines, you have so much more time to talk to the brewers and reps, and you get to try a whole assortment of beers that won't be available to everyone else! Seriously, don't be a cheapskate and get the damn VIP ticket. You can thank me later.

Since we all need to eat, you'll be able to purchase your noms from several trucks including Wahlburgers, the Cow and the Curd, Kono Pizza, Nick’s Roast Beef, Oink & Moo BBQ, and Foolish Waffles. Look forward to even more trucks to be announced as we get closer to the event.

I'd also like to remind you all that this wonderful event isn't all fun and games. For the 10th year in a row, the festival will benefit the local Committee to Benefit Children (C.B.C.). Representatives from the C.B.C. will be on-site to raise money to fund treatment, care and family support resources for area children with cancer, leukemia and serious blood disorders. Starfish Junction has donated over $80,000 to date to this charity thanks to Drunk Bitches like yourselves.

As always, the event will be held outside under tents, rain or shine (or snow), so dress appropriately. Also, Drunk Bitches don't drink and drive, so please take a cab or ride SEPTA to the event. Complimentary shuttle bus service will be provided to the festival from Broad & Pattison Station starting at 11 a.m.

VIP admission starts at 12:30, General Admission is at 1:30, and the event ends at 5. Hurry up and purchase your tickets here because this event will sell out soon!

Stay drunk, bitches!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Drinking outside of the comfort zone. *GUEST POST* by Alecia Armold

The first alcoholic drink I ever had was a Yuengling Lager when I was 14.  I hated it. Since that time, my beverages of choice have been all over the map. There were of course the usual underage favorites, Zima and Smirnoff.  Smirnoff Ice Raspberry was my go-to, even after I turned 21. That is, until they came out with Smirnoff Triple Black and I was in sugary alcohol bliss.  Besides the obvious drawback of drinking these, they were expensive. They were never on happy hour specials. I watched enviously as my friends paid for $2 beers and always had a significantly cheaper bar tab than I did. At some point I decided I had to become a beer drinker, my bank account demanded it. So I did. I discovered a love of wheat beers and occasionally when I would have calorie regret, light beer. But never Miller Lite because gross.
This frugality philosophy of drinking stuck. I hardly ever drink liquor or wine at bars. The exception to this of course is if I’m not buying. I have a date thing. I will always order a martini. I don’t know why I started it. So if you’re reading this and you thought you went out on a date with me but I didn’t order a martini, I am sorry to inform you, you are mistaken.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Official This Drunk Bitch Superbowl Drinking Game

Well, bitches, the Superbowl is finally here. If you're not a Broncos fan, Carolina Panthers fan or gambler, odds are you're not terribly interested in the game. We feel you. But here at This Drunk Bitch, we believe that even the Kardashians can become watchable after the right amount of drinks. Here is our Official Drinking Game to enhance your viewing experience.

The Official This Drunk Bitch Superbowl Drinking Game

  • Open a beer at the start of the National Anthem. Finish it by the end.
  • If Clete Blakeman successfully flips the coin, drink.
  • When Cam dabs, finish your beer.
  • Every time the Golden Gate Bridge is shown, drink.
  • Drink every time the announcers speculate on Peyton Manning's retirement.
  • If Peyton Manning scores a touchdown, shout "Omaha!" and take a shot.
  • Drink every time Tom Brady is mentioned.
  • Every time you hear "Riverboat Ron," drink.
  • Drink every time you see Peyton Manning in a Papa John's or Nationwide commercial.
  • Take a shot if Beyonce knocks the power out again.
  • When John Elway is shown, drink.
  • Drink when you see the Budweiser Clydesdales.
  • If a commercial for a macrobrewery is shown trying to make a case for their rotten piss being better than craft beer, finish your delicious 6.8% ABV craft beer.
  • When Cam Newton gives a ball away to a kid, take a shot.

There you have it! Enjoy the Superbowl! Just make sure you eat a lot of snacks because this game might kill you otherwise.

Stay drunk, bitches!

Friday, February 5, 2016

In defense of the Piña Colada

The Piña Colada is one of the most polarizing cocktails on the planet. Some people don't even like to call it a cocktail because of its widely assumed inferiority. Sure, the Piña Colada is sweet, and yes, it's frozen, and goddamn it, it's pretty.

But you know what? You all know that you secretly love them.

This is a beautiful stock photo that I absolutely did not take.
A couple of weeks ago, I was at the liquor store right before the impending Blizzard of 2016 (are we calling it that yet?). I was feeling indecisive and just wasn't feeling my usual scotch or whiskey. Then, I saw the rum. Maybe it was the uncertainty of the storm of the century upon us, maybe it was exhaustion from a long work week, or maybe I just wanted something classic...something familiar. I instantly thought about the summer and how refreshing it is to have a frozen drink on a hot ass day, those wonderful Piña Coladas they sell at the Italian Market Festival every year in the hollowed out pineapple, and how there's no better way to instantly feel like you're on vacation than sipping a really well made Piña Colada. I wanted to feel all of those feelings again at that exact moment. So, I purchased myself a bottle of Kracken Black Spiced Rum (because it's 94 fucking proof) and quickly headed to the grocery store.

So, I think a big problem with the Piña Colada is the utterly disgusting pre-made garbage so many of you people have been buying. I know, I know, it's soooo easy to just pour from one bottle into the blender and add ice. I really do understand. But PLEASE FUCKING STOP DOING THIS. With only a couple of extra steps you can make something that actually tastes quite delicious.

This is my not so great photo taken of
my 4th Piña Colada of the night.
Now, I'm not asking for anything crazy here. I'm not asking you to start juicing pineapples and pressing your own coconut milk (but please do that if you have the time!). You can buy the ingredients needed in your grocery store, probably even in the same aisle you would buy the aforementioned pre-made shit. All you need is pineapple juice (I prefer Dole 100% juice) and some cream of coconut (I use Goya). Shake the creme of coconut very well before opening. Pour it into a pitcher, then fill the empty can with pineapple and pour that in. Mix well with a spoon, and you have your Piña Colada mix! This will yield around 4-6 drinks, depending on size. When you're ready to blend, pour in some of your favorite rum, your mix, and ice, and you're ready to go.

Now, you've probably seen that recipe before, but here's my trick. I know it's not really conventional, but I like to throw a banana in the blender too. I find it adds an additional tropical, sweet element, and it also makes everything really smooth and creamy. Try it! I think you'll love it.

So now that I've come out as a Piña Colada lover, I hope you'll do the same. I'm not saying it has to replace your Old Fashioneds or Negronis, but it's nice to throw it into the rotation every once in a while.

Stay drunk, bitches!