Friday, September 12, 2014

Are you ready to Pour the Core?

Boys and girls, it's that time of year again! The leaves are starting to turn lovely shades of golden amber, people are picking pumpkins, and This Drunk Bitch is ready to get smashed on some cider. We attended last year and it did not disappoint, and we are thrilled that Starfish Junction has invited us back (See? People invite us back!) for the 2nd installment of Pour the Core

First off, the venue is fantastic. I love all of the space the Navy Yard offers, and you don't have to worry about amateurs people wandering off into the streets and getting themselves killed. This was also one of the only events we've gone to that seemed to have adequate and not entirely filthy port-o-johns, because these are things Drunk Bitches need to worry about. There's also live music, food trucks, and plenty of picnic tables to sit down and take a breather from the ridiculous amount of ciders they will have. I seriously did not know that there were that many cider brewers out there, but these are the times we live in folks.

Doors open at 12:30PM and the first pour is at 1:00PM. Tickets are still available for $40 ($10 for DD) and can be purchased here. Of course, you have to be 21 to attend and there are no pets allowed, and that includes you weirdos who are always compelled to bring your babies and dogs to festivals like these- What is that about anyway? Can someone tell me in the comments what makes people think this is okay?

So many of our readers tell us that they love beer festivals, they just hate beer. This is seriously a festival tailored to all of you. Make your pretzel necklaces and come out to enjoy the party, and if you see us in the crowd, don't be afraid to say hello! If there's anything we love, it's getting drunk with our bitches from all over the area. 

Stay drunk, bitches!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

THIS DRUNK GIVEAWAY: 2 pair of tickets to 102.9 WMGK 4th Annual MGK Brew Blast.

Hey Bitches!
You may recall we told you about an upcoming event, the 102.9 WMGK 4th Annual MGK Brew Blast in a post a few weeks ago. Well now we're excited to let you know that This Drunk Bitch has two pair of tickets to giveaway!

That's right two lucky Bitches are going to score a pair of tickets to join us on the Battleship New Jersey for the MGK Brew Blast. The event takes place on September 6th from 1-5pm, be sure you can attend if you win! If you are looking to purchase tickets to the event, they are a mere $45 a person and can be paid for by visiting the WMGK website.

We're looking forward to sipping on old favorites and maybe meeting some new brewers, with over 50 scheduled to be in attendance we certainly should!

Now enter for your chance to drink on a big boat!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Doc Magrogan's knows how to throw a party!

This Drunk Bitch with Carlos, Doc's esteemed GM, and one of the fantastic bartenders on staff.

As you know, This Drunk Bitch attended the Lobster Bake at Doc Magrogan's this past Saturday. We enjoyed some delicious, perfectly cooked lobster rolls, lobster sliders, fried lobster raviolis, lobster mac & cheese (the solid favorite) and of course, whole lobsters with corn and potatoes.
So much food!

The food was executed really well, and the staff at Doc's really stayed on top of everything, ensuring that everyone received fresh, hot food. It was impressive that they were able to keep up with the crowd for the whole 4 hours.

There was also a great team manning the several beer taps and making sure no one was thirsty. This Drunk Bitch definitely had our share of the beers, and there was plenty to go around. I also really liked the varieties- from double IPAs to summer ales to abbey beers, we were definitely covered. Because of the weather, I stuck mostly with IPAs and this really fantastic Dogfish Head beer. Sadly I didn't catch the variety but it was very crisp, sour, and fucking delicious- a must if you're into that sort of thing, which I am. There were even some wines to choose from, including a really great Chardonnay that was perfect for the fantastic summer weather we had.

This Drunk Dance Party!

We were entertained by the one-man musical stylings of Peter Duong, who played a great variety of hits from the 80s, 90s and today. He had a big personality and took a lot of requests, which the crowd always loves. He definitely helped a great deal with getting This Drunk Dance Party started. And as you all know, ain't no dance party like a This Drunk Bitch dance party.

We were glad to be part of this event to benefit MCLEF!

We had a chance to chat with some of the members of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Organization, which benefits the children of fallen US Marines and federal law enforcement personnel. Thanks to the donations they receive, they've been able to award over $63 million in scholarships and have helped over 3,500 children. They are a fantastic charity and we were thrilled to have such a great turnout to benefit their organization.

Also, we'd like to give a big congratulations to our contest winner Jennifer Williams, who, along with her +1 Aaron, seemed to be having a fantastic time.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Here's the moral of the story- if you see an upcoming Doc's event (and don't worry, This Drunk Bitch will tell you), you buy tickets and you go. They know what they are doing and you are guaranteed to have a good time. If you don't believe me, check out all of the pics from the event and see for yourself!

Stay drunk, bitches!

*Disclosure - we attended the Lobster Bake compliments of Doc's but the opinions are ours and we had a damned good time.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Seriously, Fuck Diner en Blanc

Let me first say that I am not writing this out of anger. This is not a butt hurt rant from someone who was one of the thousands who were turned away because of their shitty registration system. This event is just fucking stupid.

First of all, you need to be "sponsored" by someone already involved with DEB in order to even be eligible. Then, you pay $68.50 to reserve your seats for you and your guest, because you absolutely must register in pairs. Seriously, that's mandatory. And by "reserve your seats", they mean bring your own fucking chairs. I'm not kidding. You pay $68.50 to bring your own table and chairs, and it MUST be between 28 and 32 inches. Also, the location is of course not revealed until minutes before the event, so there you are, wandering the city in all white, carrying a table, chairs and all of your food/drink, waiting to find out where you get to haul all of your shit.

I know what you're thinking- "Sure, $68.50 is a lot to pay, but surely it goes to a charity or something right?" NOPE. Your money goes right into DEB's pockets. Per their website:

Is the Diner en Blanc associated with a humanitarianism or social cause?
What makes Diner en Blanc so popular is that it's a "distinct" evening. There are no political or ideological agendas and very minimal branding. Le Diner en Blanc is simply a gathering whose sole purpose is to create a magical evening, where guests are in good company, and in an environment which is both unusual and extraordinary. On a private level, hosts can decide to support any humanitarian cause they want, but not associated directly with Diner en Blanc.

Translation: We are greedy as hell and can't be bothered with the needs and struggles of disgusting poor and/or sick people.

Another bizarre tidbit I found while perusing the FAQs portion of their site is that men and women are required to sit opposite each other, for "photogenic" reasons. How nice of them to tell you where you are allowed to sit and eat your own food at your own table in your own chairs. This is an awful lot of shit to go through just to have a couple of cool photos for your Instagram. Luckily, same sex couples are not expected to adhere to this bizarre rule, 'cause DEB is progressive like that.

Also, if you're heading to DEB, make sure you pick up a white raincoat and a transparent umbrella (it actually says that on their website) as well because in the event of rain/snow/apocalypse, your ass is still expected to be there. If you don't show, you are blacklisted from registering for future events. That's right, DEB doesn't take any shit or listen to any excuses. Your ass is banned for life, son.

So, why do people continue to participate in this asinine, outwardly pretentious event? Maybe they are pretentious themselves, maybe they feel like it'll make them sound cool at the water cooler the next day, or maybe they just want some sweet Instagram pictures of 3,500 people wearing white and holding sparklers. I don't know. But this Thursday, instead of attending DEB, I'll be in my backyard wearing whatever the fuck I want, eating hot dogs cooked on my grill at a table I didn't have to carry anywhere. And maybe I'll even spring for a $3 box of sparklers for the occasion.

Stay drunk, bitches!

Update: The cost for Diner en Blanc is $68.50 per pair, not per person, and has been corrected.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I'm sorry, did you just say Farm to Bar?

Sunday mornings are easy, laze about and ponder my brunch options, then put on some clothes head to my destination and stuff my belly with delicious. On occasion that means that I'm going to stumble over to Jerry's Bar (oh hey neighbor) and get a Croque Madame and a Bloody Jerry. Today was one of those days. Myself, my bruised boobs (don't ask it's a long story) and This Drunk Photographer headed to Jerry's to enjoy #ThisDrunkBrunch. While seated at the bar waiting for my food, our bartender took a few moments to tell me about an event they have coming up, and I knew very well that I had to share this with our Bitches.

Jerry's Bar, a Northern Liberties establishment, is having a Farm to Bar Dinner on September 3rd. 

For only $65 you get 4 courses and 4 pairings with a walk through of each course by Greensgrow farm's Kate Kelly and Yards' Kristin Caine.Most have become a fan of the, getting back to basics 'Farm to Table' trend and with the growing popularity of CSAs and more accessibility to farmer's markets filled with local growers it's hard not to. Now there's a pairing that has that love of local in mind and we're pretty excited about it. 

wers it's If you didn't have plans on September 3, you do now! Check out the facebook event and join in, and don't forget to RSVP! They encourage giving them a call (267)273-1632 or sending over an email to Tickets are limited so get on that now! 

Stay drunk, Bitches! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Decibel Wines USA Release Party and the Beautiful McCrossen's Tavern

It's not everyday you hear a story about a person who picks up, moves to another country and starts training to follow their dreams, and yet that's the story of Daniel Brennan and his Decibel Wines. A New Jersey native who once managed an indie rock band, turned himself into a wine maker and moved to New Zealand. He returned home this trip to debut and tour some of his most recent wines and This Drunk Bitch was at the launch party hosted by McCrossen's Tavern.
McCrossen's Tavern, a family owned bar and reastaurant in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. In fact it's Daniel Brennan's own family who are the proprietors of the warm and welcoming tavern on 20th just south of Spring Garden.
We showed up a bit early for the tasting, and were seated at a table in the dining area for the first part of the adventure. This was a first visit for both myself and Tara so we spent much time eagerly looking at the menu and checking out the fixtures. The dining area is a great space, I love the fireplace (though it's useless in the summer), the peeakaboo windows that allow you to see through to the bar and the warm wood floors.

This event was a special debut of two new wines for the Decibel label and included pairings for each of the 5 wines available . The new vintages were the 2014 Amplified a bold and sassy white that I quite enjoyed and a 2013 Pinot Noir that was surprisingly refreshing!

We decided early that we were going to need to try each of the pairings because neither myself nor Tara had
been to McCrossen's before. We started off soft with the whites and their pairs. The Sauvignon Blanc and Scallops got us started. The scallops were cooked to the perfect temperature and the tomatillo sauce had a spice to it that really brought the dish full circle, the ideal pairing for the vintage.

Next up was the 2014 Amplified and Shrimp Ceviche. On its own, the 2014 Amplified was great- bold and tart with just a little sweetness. Also, the ceviche was really delicious too- bright and acidic, and I loved the punch from the radish and the cool, smooth finish of the avocado mousse. However, we weren't really crazy about the pairing. I thought it brought out too much sweetness in the 2014 Amplified and made it feel very one-note, which this wine most certainly is not. I will say that I give McCrossen's an A for effort though, as that wine does seem it would be difficult for pairings.

Give those wines a swirl and a sip and we are onto the red pairings. 

Our third was the 2011 Pinot Noir paired with Duck breast. The duck was cooked really perfectly, served with an herb salad and lovely cherry jus that was pretty good on its own, but the 2011 Pinot Noir really made it sing. I can usually take or leave Pinot Noirs as I find them to be a little too light and sweet for my tastes, but this one was very unique and more complex than most Pinot Noirs I've had. The sweetness in the jus allowed a lot of the savory fruit notes in the Pinot Noir to shine through.

I really feel like we saved the best for last in this instance because our final pairing were both our favorite things! The Smoked Tomato Tartare and the 2011 Malbec. Oh sweet baby Jesus, the way that wine complimented that delicious tomato tartare is exactly what these pairings are for. Stand alone the dish was perfectly rounded, but then you take a sip and a swish of the Malbec and the flavor profile gains this complexity that was so beautiful. It's pairings like this that wine snobs dream of and McCrossen's and Decibel delivered. - Please note I'm not a wine snob, I'm a food snob and a whiskey snob and a drunk bitch. 

I absolutely loved the 2013 Sauvignon Blanc and I'm not the biggest fan of whites. I could just see myself sipping on this perfect chilled white wine on a summer night. Keep in mind these words are coming from someone who is not typically a fan of whites. I like my wines like I like my fellas- strong, spicy and with a big finish. *wink* However, I really enjoyed this vintage and I will be drinking it again, soon. The absolute hit for me was the 2011 Malbec, it was probably the most perfect red I've had in awhile. I drank way too much of it, as did Tara and This Drunk Photographer. We were giddy on wine and it was lovely. Mmmmm Decibel Malbec. - S

I am also going to agree that the real winner of the night was the 2011 Malbec. I'm a huge fan of bold, viscous wines and this delivered in a big way. I do like a number of white wines as well, and New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs tend to be one of my favorites (especially when paired with scallops!) so I was really in heaven with the 2013 Sauvignon Blanc. The pairings were very enjoyable, starting light and refreshing and finishing bold and smoky. It appears that Sue and I have very similar tastes in wine, which I'm sure will make for several wine-drunk adventures in the future.  - T

After our tasting, we decided to hang out at the bar and let This Drunk Photographer do what she does. She nabbed some really beautiful photos that you can check out on our Flickr. We also took some time to chat with Daniel and his brother Jamie who are both very fine fellas. Charming, gracious and funny, we were so glad to make their acquaintance and thrilled to have found McCrossen's which we both plan to visit again soon for dinner and several drinks. Always several drinks! We also noticed that McCrossen's has a pretty attractive little Happy Hour Menu which includes items like $3 Duck Fat popcorn, $5 select wines and a $6 Classic Negroni.

Stay drunk, Bitches! 

*Disclosure - our tastings were compliments of Punch Media
but all opinions are our very own, honest, albeit drunk opinions. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The 4th Annual MGK Brew Blast is coming!

Get your towels ready, it's about to go down
Everybody in the place, hit the fuckin' deck
But stay on your motherfuckin' toes
We runnin this, let's go
-The Lonely Island

Are you ready for a beer festival ON A BOAT? This September, 102.9 WMGK is hosting the 4th annual Brew Blast on the deck of the Battleship New Jersey. Not only is it the absolute perfect time of year to drink outside, but there is something very special about enjoying a cold one several cold ones right on the water. It looks like last year's event was a huge success. This Drunk Bitch will definitely be there, and if you have a brain in your head you will be too.

Here are the details:
The 4th Annual Brew Blast on the Battleship NJ is Saturday, September 6 from 1 to 5pm.
Tickets are $45 for General Admission, $20 for Designated Drivers and can be purchased here.
All tickets include a free tour of the Battleship New Jersey!
Because it's WMGK, you can expect to see personalities like John Debella, Debbi Calton, Andre Gardner and Ray Koob, as well as live classic rock all day courtesy of the WMGK House Band.
There will also be a big ass tent for the sissies who hate the sun.

This year's Brew Blast will feature over 50 craft beers.  Previous brands have included:
Blue Moon, Brooklyn, Dogfish Head, Firestone Walker, Goose Island, Great Lakes, Heavy Seas, He’Brew, Harpoon, Jacks Hard Cider, Just Brewing Project, Long Trail, Magic Hat, Manayunk Brewing, Ommegang, Oskar Blues, Port City, Prism, Pyramid, Redd’s,Saranac, Shiner, Sierra Nevada, Sly Fox, Smuttynose, Starr Hill, Stoudts, Tuckahoe Brewing, Unibroue, Victory, Weyerbacher, Woodchuck, Yards.

So, to recap- 4 hours of live music and over 50 kinds of craft BEER, all on a historic ship on the very scenic Delaware River. So we will just plan to see you there.

Also, rumor has it that we may be giving away a pair of tickets or two. Stay on top of all the updates using #BrewBlast.

Take a long hard look at the motherfuckin' boat!
Stay drunk, bitches!