Monday, October 13, 2014

Get drunk, help cats.

Well here's a charity event that we can get behind! Be sure to purchase your tickets to Eat. Drink & Learn. an event to benefit PAWS hosted by Bistrot La Minette.

I do love PAWS, I can't say enough about how much the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society does for animals in this city. Now you're pairing that with wine and Bistrot La Minette?! Umm yes please! Peter Woolsey knows his way around French cuisine and this event will certainly be an awesome one.

Don't wait, buy your tickets today!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When Bacon Breaks Your Heart -or- The Pennsylvania Bacon Festival review.

The Pennsylvania Bacon Festival wasn't just a flop, it wasn't going through first year hiccups, it was a poorly planned disaster! Then when ticket holders began complaining on the facebook page, things got really bad as the event hosts then deleted customer complaints. We all know that hiding negative opinions on the internet isn't going to work, what works is addressing your customers' concerns and making changes to be sure you're pleasing the majority of your guests. I can tell you that the majority was bored and dissatisfied. You shouldn't be deleting the comments! You can read more feedback from attendees on the Xfinity Live! facebook post.

We didn't have high expectations going in because This Drunk Bitch has been to enough first time events to know that these events are typically going to run into some issues and they will be a learning experience, but we weren't prepared to be this disappointed. The press release boasted of 40,000 bacon samples, cocktail demonstrations and a special appearance by some bar rescue fella, it sounded like a great time. We made a teaser post encouraging you, our readers to attend and for that I am very embarrassed and very sorry. If we had known that
this festival was only going to be 10 lines that would take 2.5 hours to collect tiny nondescript samples we wouldn't have wasted our day at it either. This wasn't a festival, it was a collection of people who paid to wait for hours in queues. The mumbles from the crowd were unhappy ones, some saying that the festival opened up nearly 45 minutes late, others unhappy because the only thing VIP got you was access to the PBR bar which really wasn't sectioned off or difficult to get into, more grunts and grumbles because the beer prices were too expensive. We're talking $10 for a 32 oz can of Miller High life expensive. Each regular ticket came with 4 sample tickets, and you'll be excited to hear that after waiting for an hour or so in line your ticket might get you 2 ritz crackers with a smear of bacon jam, two small slim jim sized 'bacon slim jims' from a vendor that had no name, maybe you waited for 2.5 hours in the line to get a bacon slider and spent up your tickets there because fuck it, why not?

I decided that based on how miserable we were with this event, that I would get my hands dirty and find out who exactly is to blame for this mess. Well it looks as if two companies came together for it. Charm City Hospitality which is a MD based catering business and Steez Promo, clearly a promotional company whose contact information matches that of the fella we originally pitched when this event was going to be at the Piazza. It's clear to me that these two companies came together and created this event as a total cash grab. The prices were astronomical, the fact that there seemed to be more things for sale then there were samples and the lack of vendors SCREAMS cash grab. I'm still not sure what was supposed to be in the voodoo tent, but they obviously had enough at the previous event and didn't even bother showing here in Philadelphia. Oh if you were wondering, this event has now taken place in several cities, so while yes, it is the first year, they should have learned something from the previous events that may have saved them here. They clearly learned nothing.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This Drunk Drink Lab presents 'The Hot and Dirty Sue' - with Dirty Sue Olive Juice.

We were lucky enough to make the virtual acquaintance of a fella who runs things over at Dirty Sue and he sent us the most brilliant care package EVER! Included in the package, Dirty Sue Olive Juice, Dirty Sue Jalepeno Stuffed Onions, Dirty Sue Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, Dirty Sue Feta Stuffed Pepperoncinis and a bottle of HauteVodka (which is my new favorite vodka, so thank you for that!).

Now I accidentally met Dirty Sue a few years ago, when for Christmas a friend bought me a bottle because one, the name is hilarious and I'm also a dirty Sue and two because I fucking love dirty martinis. On my first introduction to Dirty Sue I was pretty quickly in love and on my revisit, it's still love.

We've been talking about getting up some video posts for a bit now, and here you have it! Check out our video to snag the recipe for the Hot and Dirty Sue!

Once again a big thank you to Dirty Sue for sending us these awesome products, we had so much fun playing in drink lab.

*Disclosure, we received these products for free, however all opinions are our own honest as hell opinions. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pour the Core: Part Deux

This past Saturday was the second installment of the Pour the Core hard cider fest. This Drunk Bitch attended last year's inaugural event, which was less than perfect.This Drunk Dude and I attended this year, and I'm thrilled to say that Starfish Junctions seems to have listened to the people and they put together a much improved event this year.

To start off, the sampling was spread out into 3 main tents in addition to a dedicated tent for Woodchuck products- a monumental improvement to the overcrowded one-tent event last year. Also like last year, it was a hot ass day, so it was nice to see the food trucks lined up in the shade. I myself started the afternoon with a delicious veggie sandwich on an authentic pretzel bun from Fresh Phood. It was definitely the perfect base for all of the Drunk Bitchery that was about to happen.

There were a ton of new ciders this year, way more than last year. I was really into some of the more unique ones, like Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie. It was a delicious French cider that was very crisp and dry, just like I like my cider. The sweet ones in my opinion tasted too much like juice, and they just make me feel like an alcoholic child, which no one likes. I also went back several times for the Elderberry Cider by Original Sin. It was very balanced and unique, and again not too sweet.

I honestly am usually not a hard cider fan, but Pour the Core has really opened my eyes to the diversity of hard ciders. I definitely recommend stepping out of the Angry Orchard box and trying some of these new, local and delicious ciders. I doubt you will be disappointed. 

What's your favorite hard cider? Let me know in the comments. I'm definitely looking for new ones to try.

Stay drunk, bitches!

Monday, September 29, 2014


I love booze and a close second to my boozy love is my love for sweet little strips of pork candy also known as bacon. Mmmmm bacon. If you're a bacon lover like we are, The Pennsylvania Bacon Festival is an event you're not going to want to miss out on!

On October 4th, 2014 join us and over 40,000 samples of bacon at XFINITY Live! 

Now you might recall we were talking about this event in March, but sadly the previous venue wasn't going to be able to accommodate and so the event planners pushed it back and found a new venue. I have to say I was bummed that it was postponed, but I'm pretty damned happy they had the balls and the foresight to realize that the event wasn't going to be what they wanted and that they made the decision to make sure it wouldn't disappoint. As our regular readers might know, it's a big mistake to push forward with an event in a venue that isn't accommodating, *COUGH COUGH WHISKEY REBELLION COUGH COUGH* Now I'm excited all over again. 

Just a heads up we're less then a week away! Don't hesitate buy your tickets today for this inaugural event. 

There will be cocktail demonstrations, bacon sampling, cooking and full services bar (because bitches need a drink!) and more! Oh yea, be sure to look for a special demonstration by Chef Brain Duffy.

Be sure to keep up with The Pennsylvania Bacon Festival by liking them on Facebook. They post regularly and are good for a laugh too! 

Will we be seeing you at The Pennsylvania Bacon Festival? The correct answer here is yes. 

Stay drunk, bitches! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Beer, boats, bitches and booty.

Let's start off with a bit of advice, don't wear dresses on battleships unless you're comfortable with everyone seeing your underpants. The Drunk Bitch team was a whole lot of wardrobe malfunction at this event and I (S) am glad I actually wore underpants, for once.

We started off our adventure lost in Camden, because we're fairly sure that some of the criminals of that fair city misdirected the signs that lead to the waterfront. Nothing says 'Happy Saturday' like a gaggle of daytime hookers hanging out at the bodega. Once we managed to get ourselves to the box office at the Battleship, we found that the instructions provided for us were not quite accurate. Not a problem, we'll figure it out.

We eventually made it to the Battleship and decided to take the complimentary tour before imbibing. The tour was extremely informative, and we had an opportunity to explore the ins and outs of this really awesome battleship (and even break a few rules- see photo). I do wish that we'd known how long the tour was, we'd have taken one of the free passes to come back another day.

The beer selection was pretty great. I was happy to see a wide variety of fall-themed beers (read: pumpkin), and a few breweries I hadn't seen before like Tuckahoe Brewing Co., who had a really great White Belguim Ale that was one of my favorites. I will say that my hands down favorite was a lovely sour brew, the Berliner Weis from Lansdale's own Round Guys Brewery. As a lover of sours (Tara), I was already sold, but I noticed a lot of other folks who typically aren't into the bitter brews also enjoying it quite a bit. Both breweries had such delicious beers and friendly reps, so we will be visiting them soon. This Drunk Field Trip anyone?  - T

I loved the Kenzo, which This Drunk Dude said is because I don't love beer. Oh well, that shit was delicious, maybe it's just because I'm from Kenzo, but who cares, all my teeth are real. - S

We'd also like to give a big congrats to our winners, Michelle Cryder (of the up and coming food blog Dish or Die) and Marek Miller. Both sent us a few words about their experience, so we thought we would share them with you:

The best part of Brew Blast was, unsurprisingly, the beer. We had an opportunity to sample from breweries we may not have discovered otherwise, and the reps were all fantastic. Unfortunately because of the tents, the ambiance of the battleship was kind of lost. It was easy to forget we were even on a boat, much less a piece of history. Due to the long length of the self guided tour we weren't able to partake but were given free vouchers for later, which I appreciated.
-Michelle Cryder, Dish or Die

We all agreed. The only real downfall of this event was that it felt really cramped. Perhaps if it were a lovely 65 degree fall day it would have felt different, but on a hot summer day, it can get very sweaty and VERY smelly. I would have liked to have seen the vendors a little more spread out, which it seemed like there was plenty of room to accomplish. Hopefully the folks in charge took notice and can remedy this for next year. 

Our second winner, Marek, in true This Drunk Bitch fashion, was very colorful in his recanting of his experience:

                                                         This drunk bitch meets this poorly planned event. Oh, and there was beer, too.

I was fortunate enough to win 2 passes to the WMGK Brew Blast aboard the Battle Ship New Jersey from This Drunk Bitch. I am saying 'fortunate' for 2 reasons: because free passes to anything with beer makes me happy face and, also, because if it wasn't for a random click onto the TDB blog, I wouldn't have even heard of this event taking place. I am not an avid listener of WMGK, so perhaps this was an event aimed at rewarding their target audience, ....

While the venue for the event opened an opportunity for a truly memorable event, the actual execution of the event made it a memorable event for all the wrong reasons. Only utilizing a small section of the actual deck of the ship, hundreds of attendees were crammed into a few small tents with about as much space to move around as a sumo wrestler orgy in a Toyota Prius, with the temperature and odors about roughly as pleasant. Spacing out of the vendor tents would have ensured the comfort of all attendees, limited risk (because hundreds of people + beer + enclosed space = completely safe), and provided better access to the beer vendors, as they were all doubled over while sharing plastic folding tables with multiple breweries arbitrarily sharing space with others.

Now, on to the meat of this event meal: the beer! The number of beer vendors that were represented at this event was actually quite impressive. Between the big players of the craft brew industry like Troegs and Victory and the local favorites like Philadelphia Brewing Company, there was a wide array of representation and beer styles to sample from. The beer sampling itself offered quite a bit to enjoy, but could have served more purpose to be grouped together by beer style. Using a single sample glass with very few opportunities to rinse out said glass makes switching from a cider to an IPA a less than enjoyable experience. As the season is dawning upon us, the pumpkin beer sampling was not in short supply and represented by many of the breweries, much to my joy!

In summary, let's grade this event, shall we?
- Event location & timing: A (It's a battle ship... a BATTLE SHIP. I drank a red ale in front of a war helicopter)
- Event structure & planning: D (Short of turning on heaters or forcing people to walk through Human Centipede style, the comfort level at this event could not have been worse. Between the heat, the layout, the limited space, the floorplan that begged for people to take a sample and stand around to block any movement room, it was a shoddy shot in the dark that, I truly believe, marred what could have been an otherwise great event)
- Beer selection & representation: B (A great selection, overall, given the small space. I would have liked to see more 'B-side' brews represented. A lot of the bigger players showed up with fairly standard ones: Troegs Dream Weaver)

Final notes: Did my wife and I enjoy the opportunity to go? Absolutely. Does a part of me secretly hate all battle ships, as well as tents, now? Most likely. Would I have paid to attend this event, given what I know now? Absolutely not.
-Marek Miller

Bottom line, definitely look forward to Brew Blast next year. But don't wear flowy dresses and DO wear lots of deodorant!

If you were in attendance be sure to check out the photo stream from This Drunk Photographer. Gina is good at those surprise shots! 

Stay drunk, bitches!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Are you ready to Pour the Core?

Boys and girls, it's that time of year again! The leaves are starting to turn lovely shades of golden amber, people are picking pumpkins, and This Drunk Bitch is ready to get smashed on some cider. We attended last year and it did not disappoint, and we are thrilled that Starfish Junction has invited us back (See? People invite us back!) for the 2nd installment of Pour the Core

First off, the venue is fantastic. I love all of the space the Navy Yard offers, and you don't have to worry about amateurs people wandering off into the streets and getting themselves killed. This was also one of the only events we've gone to that seemed to have adequate and not entirely filthy port-o-johns, because these are things Drunk Bitches need to worry about. There's also live music, food trucks, and plenty of picnic tables to sit down and take a breather from the ridiculous amount of ciders they will have. I seriously did not know that there were that many cider brewers out there, but these are the times we live in folks.

Doors open at 12:30PM and the first pour is at 1:00PM. Tickets are still available for $40 ($10 for DD) and can be purchased here. Of course, you have to be 21 to attend and there are no pets allowed, and that includes you weirdos who are always compelled to bring your babies and dogs to festivals like these- What is that about anyway? Can someone tell me in the comments what makes people think this is okay?

So many of our readers tell us that they love beer festivals, they just hate beer. This is seriously a festival tailored to all of you. Make your pretzel necklaces and come out to enjoy the party, and if you see us in the crowd, don't be afraid to say hello! If there's anything we love, it's getting drunk with our bitches from all over the area. 

Stay drunk, bitches!