Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 4th times a charm...

Coquette Photo Source, ADSUM photo source.
In the Philadelphia food and drink scene there are few things loved more than a cursed location story, and this 5th and Bainbridge corner spot is one of my very favorites. The location sees a fair enough amount of foot traffic, is in a relatively easy location to find and in Queens Village, a neighborhood where people often go for boozing and stuffing their faces full of delicious. Clearly it's cursed, right?

When former owner of the Sansom Street Oyster house Cary Neff presented Coquette people got excited. I was one of those people until twice the quality and service failed me..once very miserably and with a documented scum on my creamer..yuck. It was pretty clear that the concept fell short of expectation and that's really what happened to Coquette.

Then in came ADSUM. With Matt Levin as a partner behind the helm we were excited to see what he could bring to us. Many loved the Poutine, myself included and Matt's flair for getting creative in the kitchen, why hello Tastycake sliders, but when Matt made his exit things got sticky. The bar was extended to accommodate more drinking, craft beers were introduced and we were to think of it as more of a Gastropub than the Bistro it had been. Then it got it's new name Tapestry.

I visited Tapestry several times for drinks when Philly bartender celebrity Katie Loeb was behind the bar, truth be told I'd follow Katie anywhere to get a sip of her perfect cocktails (quick plug for the 2nd Annual Bourbon Battle at the Trestle Inn - Katie is one of the bartenders competing) and I have. The drinks at Tapestry were fantastic the food was dull and the Belvedere Restaurant Group was full of drama. So we bid Tapestry farewell. It's now been empty since March 2013.

Yet, HARK news of another owner and another venture hope to breathe some  new life into this shell of a boozing destination. Jeremy Nolan of Brauhaus Schmitz has plans to open up Whetstone this summer. It will have an American menu, a focus on beer and some small batch bourbon, cocktails and vino. What do you think? Will the curse destroy Whetstone or will they be the ones to shake the bad juju.

Good luck Chef Nolan. This Drunk Bitch will come and get entirely too drunk at your establishment at least once. Tara can drink all of the beer and I, I'll drink too many cocktails and sip on some small batch bourbon.

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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