Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You don't just have to bleed Eagles pride, now you can drink it too!

It seems the Philadelphia Eagles, have decided to celebrate their 80 year anniversary with a limited release wine.

"Rollout" is a Cabernet Sauvignon specially crafted for the Eagles by winemaker Sam Spencer of Cameron Hughes.

You can order a bottle of the Eagles 80th anniversary "Rollout" online, assuming of course you don't live in Pennsylvania, because we aren't allowed to order booze online and have it delivered, just sayin', at the low low price of $30 a bottle.

If you're like the Eagles, and you know, live in Philadelphia you can pick up a bottle at a Fine Wine and Good Spirits location nearest you. I haven't tried it myself as of yet, probably because I have no Eagles pride (I can feel Tara's face turning red with anger).

E-A-G-L-E-S - get drunk.
 (Update- this may be old news to you, but it was news to me)

Stay drunk, Bitches!


  1. I get all my wine shipped to my parents. I wonder if you get a discount for buying a case....

  2. ha ha. i just want to note that, as i read this, the ad on the top right corner of the page is for $1249+ liposuction from sonobello in kop. WHY????