Monday, March 10, 2014

This Drunk Bitch at Glamsino Royale

Lucky lucky me! I managed to win tickets to attend Glamsino Royale at the Palomar hotel a fund raising event for ActionAIDS - Thanks Philly Chit Chat for the giveaway! The event was a great success raising more than $10,000 for ActionAIDS. If you're wondering ActionAIDS is an organization that partners with those living with HIV/AIDS to help enhance their lives, they also offer many other services such as prevention education, HIV testing and more.

Glamsino Royale proved to be quite a good time. They had two specialty cocktails available:

Square's 007 Royale - Bluecoat gin, lemon, lime, orange Oleo saccharum, Brut
Le Chiffre - Penn 1681 Vodka, lemon, pomegranate, cucumber pechaud bitters, soda.

I think Le Chiffre was my favorite, though it was a bit sweet, it hit the spot...I had several. I had too many, and I was This Drunk Bitch in full form. The great news is I got to look fabulous, because nothing makes me happier than dressing up and boozing. Sara, owner of Carousel Vintage, joined me for the festivities. They had gambling tables but with the crowd, getting to one was a bit tough. So, I opted to hang out by the bar and spin the wheel of fabulous with some fantastic queens of drag. I love more than just booze, I also love glitter and drag queens know all about that glitter.

Chips won were used to trade for additional entries for some fabulous prizes. Many were trips and stays at other hotels in the Kimpton family of hotels. I won a ton of entries, and no prizes. That's alright, because when the specialty cocktails ran out the very generous bartender offered me very generous pours of tonic in my gin. Oh sweet delicious gin.

I'll be keeping an eye out for future ActionAIDS fundraising events. They certainly throw my kind of party! Tons of booze, fabulous clothes, and beautiful faces.

Before and morning after picture. I love waking up with perfect make-up.

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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