Monday, April 28, 2014

Could we finally have the ultimate summer beer pairing for crabs?

One of my favorite summer pastimes is crabbing. My favorite way to spend an overcast day at the shore is packing up some stinky chicken, crab traps (hand line for me because I'm a badass), plenty of beer and spending an afternoon catching crabs off of a bridge. The best part is, you get to bring home all of those FREE crabs and spend your evening eating them, and of course drinking more beer.

I've always had a little bit of trouble pairing beer with crab meat. Sure, there are plenty of great IPAs that mostly do the job, but I often find the sharpness of a bitter IPA to overpower the delicate sweetness of the crab meat. Usually I will default to Yuengling Lager, as it's tasty with the crabs and in the crab boil itself, but it's still a pretty low-brow lager for a classy Drunk Bitch like myself. Well, it looks like Flying Dog might have solved my problem.

courtesy: @flyingdogtommy

Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale took six months to develop, and was made in collaboration with folks from the Old Bay company. This is no gimmick, boy & girls. This is a legitimate, serious attempt at making something truly different and really true to all things Maryland. This new creation will be released on May 15th, and Flying Dog promises that it will be widely available from Memorial Day to Labor Day in Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina. Now you'll have to wait in agonizing suspense for the release, and make sure you check back for my review!

Stay drunk, bitches!

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