Saturday, April 26, 2014

Damn he makes a good brisket - The Celebrate Audi A3 launch party at Zahav.

Apparently this event wasn't widely chatted about pre-party, which at this point kind of makes me feel special. The tickets were available on EventBright at the low low cost of free with a simple description. It was the Audi A3 Philadelphia launch event.

Audi invites you to Celebrate Audi A3

Celebrate the A3 launch in style at Zahav Restaurant on Thursday, April 24th at 7:30pm. Indulge in delicious food from top chefs MICHAEL SOLOMONOV and AUDREY TAICHMAN while enjoying music from DJ ISAAC JORDAN.

I stole this from Gina V.
In true This Drunk Bitch style, I got to the Celebrate Audi A3 launch party already boozed up. My office had taken a networking field trip to the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival Preview Party (which was wonderful) so the getting there was a little fuzzy. I recall pausing to get a group photo in front of the Audi banner, and seeing that some beautiful cars were lined up on the street, and then climbing the stairs from Dock Street to the entrance of Zahav. Upon entering, I ran into the always beautiful Felicia D'Ambrosio and a table covered with bags containing Federal Donuts. It was like stepping into a boozers paradise. I snagged a donut and immediately put it into my purse because, purse donuts are good for later, and when you're drunk this seems like a great idea. Audi's logo was lit up on the far wall with a display of changing lights and a mural as tall as the windows on that side of the room. The restaurant was a buzz with chatter, laughter and lights, really it was quite the social event. You probably should have been drunk there.

My entourage and I made a b-line for the bar because, we needed to keep fueled! The A3, a cocktail brewed up for the launch party, was essentially a whiskey mojito. It was also delicious and brilliant, because if you put whiskey in things I love them even more and I already really loved mojitos. I hope that finds a spot on the Zahav drink menu because I'll be in for it, or I'll learn to make it  myself.

Now let's talk about the only thing one could possibly want to hear about when mentioning that they went to Zahav, the friggin food! I'll be honest, I didn't get to eat much, by the time I'd arrived the food was hard to get to and I just wanted more booze. Tara, however, got to sample the delights of the evening with a fairly clear head and a pretty apt palate. There were a few things she wanted me to point out in my post that were stand outs. I'll start with the TOWER OF FEDERAL DONUTS! Yes, it was real and I've borrowed someone's photo to show you how amazing it was. The hummus which was served on small bar-b-que chips was 'amazing', she described the brisket sliders as moist and just fatty enough and I quote 'damn he makes a good brisket'. The 'he' she's referring to is Michael Solomonov and yes, yes he does. Served in small cups were beets with tahina, which were prepared the same way they are for the salatim and were out of this world. I ate those myself because I'm a beet person and they were incredible, just the perfect consistency and flavor. There were carrots with cumin, a twice cooked pea soup, also there was a lamb, rice and chick pea dish that made me the happiest kid in the world.
This Drunk Bitch - full effect.

They had a really cool feature that I missed out on because I was only told about it at the end of the night, but if you were posting on instagram using the #AudiA3 you could print out your pictures on a printer set up they had going on. It was a little sci-fi looking and really cool. I was impressed by it, Tara was as well.

Then to add some bravado to the night I got to introduce Tara to Chef Solomonov. She was giddy with excitement and I was surprised they'd not yet met. Always a gracious host he took the time to pose with some drunk bitches.  I'll leave you with these fun photos.

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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