Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lolita is juicing!

You might have heard that Lolita, a once favorite byob which closed it's doors for the last few months to makeover the menu has reopened. Now with a liquor license and a full bar!

I'm fairly excited to head in, after all, Marcie Turney never disappoints me, but now I'm even more excited because the drinks they are crafting are really original. Lolita seems to be influenced by the juicing trend that's grown over the last few months and with cocktails like the 'Beetarita' and 'The Green Garden' - which includes kale and spinach it seems like a 10 year Philly favorite has decided to spread it's wings. The food sounds to have changed a bit as well. Marcie found some inspiration in her south of the border visits.

I effing love beets so I'm thinking, assuming I can get in, that I'm going to pop by one night this week on my way home from work to give it a try.

What do you think, will a Beetarita find it's way into your boozy belly?

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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