Wednesday, May 28, 2014

40 oz of booze at the British Beer Tasting happy hour.

Attention all you beer loving yanks, we've found the perfect happy hour for you! The Victoria Freehouse, located in Old City at 10 South Front Street (on Front, just south of Market) has a British Beer happy hour tasting from 4-7pm each and every Friday. This Drunk Bitch had the pleasure of joining The Victoria Freehouse for the happy hour tasting last week, and we're pretty much in love.

Sue- I'm not really a beer drinker. I don't hate all of it, but I don't usually like it. The trick is I want to try beer, and I want to find beers I like but often buying a pint only to find out I hate it is depressing. I'm not a fan of tossing away my money so I stick with my whiskey and gin. I found that this tasting was a great way to try out some beers, and 3 out of the 4 I finished on my own! WOOT! The tasting for $15 (a damned great value) includes four 10 oz pours of beers selected for the tasting as well as a bar snack. You're getting a 40 and some food for only $15, how awesome is that? I'll let Tara tell you about the beers, because honestly she knows a lot more than I do. The Welsh Rarebit was PERFECT, served on toast with a perfect English cheddar and ale sauce.

Boddington's Pub Ale
Tara- I liked the lineup for this week's British Beer Tasting Happy Hour. We got to sample 2 old favorites in Newcastle Brown Ale and Boddington's Pub ale, which are 2 beers I really like. As a stout aficionado, I especially love Boddington's because it's pretty much the albino version of Guinness.

The Fullers Chiswick Bitter was a new one, and pretty good, too. It was very light and not very carbonated with a low ABV, making this a really great session beer, especially moving into the warmer months. What I didn't love about this beer was that the flavor was very muted, with barely-there fruity notes that did not stand up to the pleasant peppery aroma.

Wells Bombardier

My favorite of the day was Wells Bombardier. From the folks who brought us the delectable Banana Bread Beer and Young's Double Chocolate Stout, this award-winning English Premium Bitter has a beautifully creamy head, sweet toffee and light fruity notes with a balancing bitterness that pulls it all together. This is one thoughtfully crafted beer for sure, and I will definitely drink this bad boy again and again.

The Victoria Freehouse is really hitting a home run with this happy hour special. For the price, you definitely can't beat it, and what better place can you think of to enjoy some fine English beers than the adorable English Pub setting of The Victoria Freehouse?

Upcoming Events at The Victoria Freehouse

The Victoria Freehouse also has some really great events on the way. Look out for their FIFA World Cup 2014 kick off party on Thursday June 12

TVFH is also taking part in Philly Beer Week, they've got a great event on May 31st from 5-7pm Talking English Beer with Kevin Brooks of Shelton Brothers. Then on the 6th of June you beer lovers probably won't want to miss the First Friday Happy Hour with Joe Sixpack from 5-7pm.

There are lots more upcoming events and if you're a quizzo lover you're in luck! Make sure to like The Victoria Freehouse on Facebook to stay up to date on events. Then follow them on the twitter @TVFH too!

Stay drunk, bitches!

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