Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Can we turn on the damned air conditioning...and a review of Philly Mag's Wine + Food.

I'm just going to start off by saying that this was my first Wine + Food experience, and I got to go for free. I'm certainly glad I didn't pay for my ticket, because if I would have paid...oh my god I'd have been STEAMING. Well, I was steaming but that's because apparently the Simone Foundation Museum isn't made for that many people to be breathing all at the same time. 

Beads of sweat dripped off of my perfectly made up face as I tried to push through walls of people waiting at tables for tastes. Sure there were probably 500 wines there, and the pours were what was expected. What wasn't expected was that there would be no room in most areas to get in line for a taste! Yuck. It was a mess. I didn't recognize many of the wines, and since many of the vendors were staffed with only one person the one's I was very interested in simply didn't have time to talk because of the mob scene. Tickets were oversold, or they should have found a bigger venue. We did get to chat with Robert Hall, who was a charming old fella, and his assistant was also very helpful. We stopped to get photos with Robert Hall himself, but he blinked. 


I also strongly feel that they should just drop that + Food bit right off. There were only a few places to get tastes of foods and the only restaurant I found that wasn't a chain (excluding the few dessert tables) was Lacroix. What they listed on the website: "Chima, Davio’s, Capogiro, Moro Restaurant, IndeBlue, Alla Spina …and many more!" Out of these very few listed places, the only one's present were Chima and Davio's - both chains. Eye roll. Also the wine wasn't complimented by the food, because there were so few food vendors that you had to really fight to get up to the tables, and when you did, you were considering grabbing two plates and being really greedy because you're drinking wine and you don't want to get hammered right away. 

In the end I left the event sober, sweaty and underwhelmed. I don't know who planned this party, but +Philadelphia magazine should probably get their shit together. For $130 I'd expect a hell of a lot more for my buck. 

I'm not really sure what is going on these days with our boozy events Philly, but you better get it together. I'm tired of being disappointed! Sending a drunk bitch home from a wine event stone cold sober is the WORST! 

Stay drunk, Bitches! 

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