Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Opening Tap at the 23rd Street Armory

  As you may or may not know, This Drunk Bitch was invited to attend Philly Beer Week's Opening Tap this past Friday. There were wall to wall tables with plenty of beers for sampling, live music, and of course the H.O.G. - that's the Hammer of Glory for those of you who have been living in a cave for the last 6 years. It was definitely one hell of an event.
Holding, not Jon Hamm's H.O.G.

There were so many beers to taste. Some were delicious, and others closely resembled toilet water (I'm looking at you, Manayunk Brewing Co.).

My favorite of the day was probably The Berliner from Round Guys Brewing. The beer itself is face-puckeringly sour, and then they add a touch of raspberry syrup to mellow it out. Personally, I like it both ways, and I really can't get enough of all of the fantastic sour beers out there right now.

Naked Brewing Company had yet another win with their Carpe Noctem, a black IPA with bold, roasted malts but a low alcohol content to make this a scrumptious session beer for a cool summer night around the fire. They also brought their delicious Pomegranate Wheat beer, for which I have already professed my love. Naked Brewing Company has really been knocking out some quality brews, and they are one of my top breweries to watch.
Katrina Culley and This Drunk Bitch

Aside from the excellent beer and music, we were also treated to the presence of some of the best food trucks around- Vernalicious and Cow & the Curd.

We also ran into Katrina Culley who runs the blog, just a spoonful of burpees just in time for some drunken photos and to spill beer on Sue's boobs. *wink*

Now for the 'I don't really like beer' or Sue perspective. I'll start off by cheering on the Cow & Curd because there is something just so damned perfect about that fried cheesy goodness. If you see that truck, you stop, you order and you eat.

I loved the live band, that was a fantastic touch and most of the night I wanted to dance, but there was no time for dancing when there were beers to try!

Why hello stout that I love.
I tried a lot of beer, I really did, but I didn't love most of it. I did LOVE the Big Gruesome Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout by Spring House. It made Sweet Baby Jesus look like 'Meh baby jesus'. It wasn't too thick, just the right amount of sweet and not too 'hoppy' on the finish. I apparently hate the hops. That dry bitter sensation on the back of my tongue just, blech.

I also really liked the Stegmaier High Dive enough to go back for a second taste. I found that it was really crisp and rather refreshing. It might have been the most drinkable beer I tried. You heard that non-beer drinkers, it's a drinkable one. Get it.

Really this is turning into a series of beer posts, and we've got to up our boozing game! I'll be on the hunt for amazing booze events to tell you all about, but for now enjoy #PBW2014, while I go have a few Negronis.

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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