Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An update from This Drink Bitch.

Hey everyone! We know it's been ages since we've posted. For that we apologize. It's simply that sometimes life gets in the way.

One Drunk Bitch - T. just bought a house and is moving. Be sure to pass congratulations her way. If you're wondering her house warming party is going to be full of drunk bitches and not open to the public. It's an exclusive venue, you're probably not invited.

The other Drunk Bitch - S. has a new job and is getting into the swing of working normal people hours again. After working from home for many years it's a tough transition and I have to work out a nice schedule so that I'm planning my time to write.

That all being said, we love you, bitches.

If you're looking for something to do on Thursday there's going to a screening under the stars over at The Great Plaza at Penn's Landing and This Drunk Bitch has decided to make it a byob event. Make it discreet folks, there are still laws about booze in public, but since that event is open to the public we can't kick you out!

After the movie you should pop over to Spruce Street Harbor Park because that place is just BEAUTIFUL! We hit up the #WhyILovePhilly preview party there last week and were blown away. A post on that is coming your way soon. Probably this evening, because work has to happen first.

That's all for now bitches! Feel free to let us know about boozy events coming up. We're going to have some tickets to giveaway for an event that involves a mother fucking boat...so stay tuned for that also!

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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