Saturday, July 19, 2014

Danger ahead for our Pop up Beer Garden scene.

Independence Beer Garden Old CityPhoto Credit: @ilovephila
A recent article by The Daily News may have doomed our summer of beer gardens. After a post detailing the loopholes in the liquor laws that allows for these Philly beer gardens to pop up, some legislators have decided that it's time to take it away!
 Last year we had a few really wonderful beer gardens, and this summer there's been one popping up seemingly every week, it's been grand. Places like Fergie's and the American Sardine bar have joined the beer garden trend and really who's complaining about it? No one, well almost no one. John Taylor, Paul Costa, Cuck Mcllhinney and Jim Ferlo have signed a letter that wages war on the catering loophole. There's also mention of a Monday meeting with the LCB chairman, Joseph Brion.
Look, these pop up beer gardens have been great for the city! They do everything that businesses say they
Fergie's Beer Garden Photo credit: Eater
think restaurant week does, except they do it well. These pop ups draw people into the city, they celebrate otherwise wasted space, they add highlights to neighborhoods that are otherwise ignored and they give us more outside space to socialize! Plus the greenery is great for the environment and the BEES! THE BEES ARE IMPORTANT.

If you happen to be a constituent of one of these guys: John Taylor, Paul Costa, Cuck Mcllhinney and Jim Ferlo, please call them and tell them to eat many dicks. Then tell them to leave our beer gardens alone.


Stay drunk, Bitches.

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