Monday, July 28, 2014

Holy shit, whiskey is a lie!

That craft distilled Kentucky whiskey you're drinking right now could have come from a mass distillery in Indiana according to this article from the Daily Beast. MGP a factory whiskey distillery seems to have a pretty heavy corner on the market. While some brands take the factory created whiskey and add a bit of spin to it, most don't. They simply market it to us as something they gave life to and we suck it down like the lie that it is! DAMN IT! WHO CAN WE TRUST?!

If whiskey is a lie...I just...I quit? How can I trust anything ever again? Whiskey, my beautiful spirit, is a lie.

A pretty extensive list of companies using MGP for their craft distilled whiskey which the article points to is on Recent Eats
I get the whole micro brew, craft spirits craze, but really how shitty to misrepresent yourself. Ugh now I've even got to google whiskey before I order it. Damn you all! Can't a bitch just get whiskey drunk? No, because America. 

I also found myself getting a good laugh, because many of the whiskey brands mentioned in that article were present at the shit show that was Whiskey Rebellion, which I fucking hated, and still hate to remember.

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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