Thursday, July 17, 2014

Old City does whatever the fuck it wants.

Old City has all sorts of things going on  lately, I work there, Serrano has Ranch Road Taco Shop in the kitchen for a pop up this summer (5 till midnight Wednesday through Saturday) and now Old City is having a restaurant week of their very own, because fuck the other restaurant week.

 July 20th through the 27th enjoy reasonably priced eats at some of my Old City favorites, and while you're there spend the money you're saving on food by drinking your face off.

Sassafras and The Victoria Freehouse are in the $15 category with some fairly lovely menu options. Grab a Sagroni at Sassafras, and I'd suggest a bramble at The Victoria Freehouse.

In the $25 category hit up Panorama for delicious eats, and more wine than a person should consume in a lifetime. The options there on wine are mind boggling and you should drink until your teeth are stained with the blood of Christ.

In the $35 category, OH HEY BIG SPENDER, why not pack up your own booze and head to Wedge + Fig. A little known secret is their outdoor dining area which is so perfect I can't tell you how much perfection is there. Take a friend, and too many bottles of wine, add in a bubbly for dessert and you're all set.

While normally I stay far away from restaurant weeks, this one has my attention.

Stay drunk, bitches!


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  1. and watch for the grand reopening of the firehouse in a few weeks