Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What are you doing on the Eve of Halloween?

If you've been dying to wear your costume as often as you possibly can here's another reason to put on whatever costume you want and maybe win some money!

Our friends at Doc Magrogan's are throwing a little Mischief night party for you to enjoy! With $1 Pumpkin shots, $2 mixed drinks, $3 fireball shots (you guys are gross, but you probably love this crap), and $3 select fishbowls how can you go wrong?

Want to really go out, check out the $30 open bar package! What?! This the season to get drunk and dress like...well anything you want.

Be sure to visit us at the event, Thursday October 30th from 9 - midnight. You'll likely find me knee deep in fishbowls (sober months starts for me on Saturday) and who knows, maybe T will be downing fist-fulls of fireball.

Oh and if you were looking for a way to really rock out in  what could possibly be the WORST costume of the season, I just want to let you know that a Sexy Ebola Nurse costume actually exists. If you're a fella, bonus points if you go sexy ebola nurse this season!

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