Friday, November 7, 2014

Late night at Doc Magrogan's - Mischief Night Party

I've got to tip my tiara to Carlos over at Doc Magrogan's Oyster House in University City, because for the second time in a row he and his staff have shown us a damned good time.

Last time we reviewed a Doc Magrogran's event it was the Lobster Bake which was a fantastic event. Plenty of beer, food, music and dancing. This time it was a bit colder, a bit more inside and still just as fabulous. Who wouldn't have a fabulous time while dressed as a princess wearing make up she learned from drag queen tutorials found on youtube or in Tara's case, dressed as Crybaby Crosby wearing an adult diaper...her costume was a hit. She's totally famous on the internet, check out her now infamous tweet. Costumes are always fun, but do you know what else is a great time, drinking booze out of Fishbowls on a Thursday night. It's even better when those fishbowls full of booze are only $3. You heard me. $3 fishbowls full of booze.

One thing I have to mention that I absolutely love is that live music is a thing at Doc Magrogran's events. There was a lovely fella playing lovely tunes and he even asked for some requests and invited a few lovely party goers the chance to sing a little tune with him. I think it adds so much to have that bit of interaction rather than a stiff DJ playing the songs you'd expect to hear. When a singer with a guitar starts obliging audience's requests for 90's pop hits and everyone gets to sing along to some NSYNC and Britney Spears while still sipping on some fishbowls it's pretty damned difficult to avoid having fun.

The Mischief Night party was full of costumed party guests. The 'BEST COSTUME' of the night was a clear winner, a lady in a 'flasher' costume! It was by far the most hilarious and unique costume I've seen thus far, and her commitment to the shock factor of surprising strangers with her quick flash of pubes, pasties and a flesh toned leotard was fucking amazing.

You deserved the win and congratulations!

If you were at the event be sure to check out our flickr page to see if This Drunk Photographer captured you in your 'sexy something or other' costume. Seriously there were a lot of 'sexy costumes' though I didn't see one person in the Sexy Ebola Nurse costume I was so hoping to see.

Thanks again to Carlos and the Doc Magrogan's staff for showing us a wonderful time! We'll be back again soon, besides those late night specials are hard to beat!

Quick tip: be sure to follow Doc Magrogans on facebook to keep an eye out for posts on upcoming events, and be sure to let them know This Drunk Bitch sent you.

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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