Friday, December 26, 2014

Where are you boozing New Years, New Years Eve?

IT'S NEARLY 2015, BITCHES! Where the fuck did 2014 go? What a year! Let me say that again with some emphasis, WHAT A FUCKING YEAR! Congratulations on making it this far.

Now, the important question, where will you be boozing for New Years? We got wind of a few events that sound like a pretty damned good might not even need to pack a flask (who am I kidding, ALWAYS pack a flask...add that as resolution for your 2015).

Craft beer lovers rejoice! There's an event for you:
Check out Drink Philly's Craft Beer New Year where, for $75 you can enjoy an open bar, a dinner buffet (eat it all) and a champagne toast at midnight.
You know you want it, beer that want beer.

If you were looking for something a little more...trendy, fret not there's a party for you. This year The Piazza's Masquerade, 15 at the Piazza promises to be a good time. Hopefully this crowd will do less 'pissing all over the neighborhood'. Part of the ticket sales benefit MS Society - that's right, start your year with a celebration and a pat on the back because you're boozing for charity, Bitches! With Tit's Handmade Vodka as the open bar sponsor, I'm fairly certain you'll be the best kind of drunk, not the kind of drunk who pees on things, and bones in stranger's driveways. Buy your tickets now for that event, starting at $85. Don't forget to hit social media when you buy your ticket #nyepiazza #cliquecities

Sucker for a great display of fireworks? Don't miss out on the New Years Eve celebration happening at the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest. Get in a good skate, then cozy up with some boozy refreshments.

Tickets are a steal at only $30 a piece for the 10pm-1am session!

I keep thinking about that terrible Katy Perry song...I'll have to drink more whiskey to make it go away. I feel filthy...I'm filthy.

Maybe you're a bitch who's into boats! You too can sleep on a bunk and enjoy the chilly, but I'm certain, fantastic view of the fireworks from the Battle Ship New Jersey.

Tickets are $75 and you can reserve your bunk for the sleepover. Reservations are a must and this event is family friendly. Family friendly might mean it's time to start on that flask resolution we discussed earlier. Extra points if there's a cat on your flask!

Stay drunk, Bitches!

Have a happy fucking New Year too!

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