Thursday, March 12, 2015

Palcohol powdered booze that's not for snorting.

New in booze news: Palcohol is sorta legal. Palcohol, a way to carry your booze in powered form, is raising some eyebrows. It got initial approval in 2014 but because of some controversy the product was quickly banned, and now it's back! While some states are working to ban the product, it's street legal and ready to pouch party.

What is Palcohol? Quite simply it's powered booze. Just add water and you've got a cocktail. One pouch of powdered booze is equal to one shot of regular booze.

Palcohol's creator, Mark Phillips says that he came up with this idea because he's an avid hiker and he didn't feel like carrying those pesky bottles with him. Flasks clearly were also not an option so this guy had to get innovative. Know what sounds like a great idea? Drunk hiking....especially if you're in the middle of nowhere...yea...drunk hiking.

Mark Phillips is pretty pissed off that the only thing people are focused are the negative issues associated with Palcohol. He says it's ridiculous to think that people might snort this product because it burns. I say, kids do stupid shit. Like pouring booze in their butts, so who knows what the outcome will be.

He says it won't increase the chances of spiked drinks, because the powder simply takes too long to dissolve.

He's really defending his product. I'd try it...I'm game.

What do you think? Will you be trying out Palcohol?

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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