Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Join the Mile High Club at The Trestle Inn

Know what's better than flights of whiskey? Flights of whiskey that come with a loyalty program. If my day job has taught me anything, it's that people fucking love loyalty/rewards programs.

Our friends at The Trestle Inn have added just such a program and you whiskey loving bitches are going to have to get in on it.

Visit the Trestle at 11th and Callowhill, Wednesday and Thursday from 5PM - 2AM and/or Friday and Saturday from 5PM-10PM to enjoy a variety of whisk(e)y flights.

The National - $16 
Mitcher's US*1 / 1792 Ridgemont Reserve / Angel's Envy

The Braniff - $18 
Evan Williams / Four Roses / Russell's Reserve

The Pan Am - $18 
Old Overholt / Prichard's / WhistlePig

The Trans World - $22
Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve / Green Spot Single Pot Still / Yamazaki 12 Year
(**Special note from Sue** This flight is fan-fucking-tastic and even if you don't care about the rest of the whiskey flights, get here for this right now. I am now pretty obsessed with Green Spot Single Pot Still and it's all The Trestle's fucking fault.)

The British Caledonian - $24 
Tamdhu 10 Year / Glekinchie 12 Year / Oban 14 Year

Once you've taken each of these beautiful whiskey flights, you'll become a member of The Trestle Inn's Mile High club - which earns you a complimentary flight from High West Distillery (Park City Utah), because nothing says 'great job drinking all of that whiskey' quite as well as drinking more whiskey!

Oh and don't forget to check out the complimentary tastings offered on The Spirit of Wednesday!

Stay drunk, Bitches!

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