Thursday, July 16, 2015

I am Miss Hannigan: The Homemade Gin Kit review.

Growing up my favorite movie was Annie, and my favorite character was, the unlikely, Miss Hannigan. The thigh highs, garters, boa and baths in night clothes, she was a fabulous dream! Except, she wasn't taking a bath in water, that old bitch was bathing in gin. Sweet delicious bathtub gin, which makes sense when you watch the movie as an adult and realize it would have been prohibition and she's essentially drunk for her entire screen time in the film. This just makes her more appealing to me, because I love gin, and if I could take a bath in a bathtub full of gin, I goddamned would!


That was sort of how I felt playing with The Homemade Gin Kit, a little bit like a bootlegger. Of course, I don't have enough with this kit to make a bathtub full of gin, only a 750ML puddle, though I'm not ruling out buying enough to make that whole bathing in booze thing happen.

The kit itself is gorgeous, packaged perfectly and upon opening it I immediately saw the potential as a beautiful gift. What a great set up, right?! An any occasion gift, wedding present, birthday present, you pissed off your girlfriend and want to make her happy...well you get the idea.

Each one of The Homemade Gin Kits include the following, Two 375ml Glass Bottles, one fine stainless steel strainer, one stainless steel funnel, one tin of juniper berries and one tin of the secret botanical blend. Word of warning, check your funnel - these are beautifully hand crafted, but my funnel had a bit of excess metal around the bottom, I removed it before using it so be careful! You provide your own bottle of neutral spirits (vodka, unflavored and in a 750ml bottle) and you're in business! This starter kit retails for $49.95 and makes a 750ml bottle of homemade gin.

The process is easy peasy, puddin pie...just add your juniper berries to any 750 midrange vodka (I found one called "Bitch Vodka" and couldn't help myself), wait 24 hours and add the botanicals...give it 12 more hours and strain. TA-DA! Gin time!

I found that the flavor of this gin has a heavy nose of cardamom and a strong coriander profile. I didn't get much of the juniper, which for some is going to make this amazing, but for me means I won't be replacing my favorite gins in favor of mixing my own batches for every cocktail. I can't see this working out as the base for a dirty martini, for example, but it's got amazing potential as a conversation piece in sweeter profile cocktail like a Gin-Gin Mule. Serve up something sweet that you made with gin you just made in your kitchen, and now you've got something to drink to!

The bottom line: I loved it. I thought the package was great, I was excited through each step, and even tasting it was great. I got together with friends to taste the final product, discuss the process, talk about booze, potential cocktails and it was perfect.

This is me with the final product.

Now, go buy yourself The Homemade Gin Kit - available online, and if I'm not mistaken Art In the Age in Old City had them for sale when I strolled through on First Friday.

Stay drunk, Bitches! 

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