Sunday, July 26, 2015

National Scotch Day is upon us!!

Nowadays, I feel like there's a "National _____ Day" for basically everything in existence. We've got National Doughnut Day, National Left Hander's Day, and even a National Rubber Eraser Day (it's a real thing, look it up).

But tomorrow, July 27th, is quite possibly the best made up holiday of the year: National Scotch Day!

Most of you should know by now that I love scotch. Like, a lot. On a scale of 1 to Ron Burgundy, well...let's just say that scotch definitely takes me to Pleasure Town.

Scotch is really wonderful because it's like whiskey's older, more refined cousin. It also varies widely in flavor, so there's really a scotch for everyone. It can range from the light and floral young 12 year olds, to the fruity and spicy adolescent 15 year olds, and all the way to deep, smoky, voting, lottery-playing 18 year old full grown adult scotches.

Personally, I like them all, and I think my scotch preference depends on the occasion. My go-to every day scotch is the old reliable 12 year by The Macallan, but I've been known to get fancy with some Johnny Walker Blue, and I've even slummed it with his often rejected little brother, Johnny Walker Red. Finding what you like is a very personal journey, so get to tasting!

Where can you sample some lovely scotches in honor of this glorious holiday? Here are some suggestions:

Village Whiskey - With a sprawling whiskey selection, you will find pretty much any scotch you've ever heard of (and plenty you've never heard of) here. Also, obviously delicious burgers.

1 Tippling Place - The singular scotch cocktail on the menu, Penicillin, consists of scotch, lemon, and honey ginger. This delicious cocktail alone is worth the trip, but you can also pick the brains of the incredibly knowledgeable staff, or sit at the bar and have their talented mixologists craft you a scotch cocktail all your own.

Ashton Cigar Bar - Because obviously, the best pairing for scotch is a damn good cigar. Go there and class it the fuck up. For my Macallan 12, my favorite cigar pairing is the Liga Privada #9, thanks to the on-point recommendation of Sip Smoke Savor.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse - This is the big one. If you really want to go hard, Del Frisco's has the only bottle in Pennsylvania of the coveted Macallan M.

This is the holy fucking grail of scotch. It's crafted from some of Macallan's rarest, highest quality whiskies, and, at $4,500 a bottle, it is the most expensive scotch ever sold. And this is no smoke and mirrors folks, some of the whiskies blended into this bad boy are as old as 73 years! You can order two ounces for $600 or one ounce for $400, but think of it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to try one of the best damn scotches on the planet. Or, if you're ballin' like that, just go and order it and impress the hell out of your poor ass friends.

So, whether you're out on the town or sipping at home, make sure you have a dram for this, the holiest of holidays.

Go fuck yourself, San Diego...I mean, Stay drunk bitches!

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