Sunday, July 19, 2015

Screw CCD Sips - It's not even worth it.

A long time ago, in the city of Philadelphia some restaurant owners were brainstorming on how they could get people from the suburbs to come into the city and spend their money. They got together with CCD and planned a week long event that became known as Restaurant week. For awhile this program was wonderful, mostly because the food scene in the city of Philadelphia hadn't quite hit it's stride and the event allowed these establishments to highlight the best they had to offer to a new audience. Then the food scene took off and world wide magazines caught on and EVERYONE from far and wide started coming into the city to eat, and the event turned into a way for cheap bastards to visit restaurants they won't pay the same prices to eat at on normal days. As the industry boomed they just kept adding weeks to this event, until eventually it ran for two weeks and several times a year and became the biggest joke in the industry as servers are pushed to their limits and work for nearly no tips while the kitchen pumps out dishes from a prix fixe menu that are about speed and not quality. Of course, this isn't a food blog and I'm not going to tell you how fucking stupid Restaurant week is because if you're reading this, you already fucking know.

Born of the same sort of idea we now have RW's best friend, CCD SIPS! A bar program to keep those suburbanites who work in the city downtown for at least a drink or so, so every Wednesday through the summer months a bunch of asshats run to bars and order $5 cocktails, $4 wine, $3 beer and bar snacks at no specific price. The thing is, these specials are bullshit. Most of the time if you hit up a bar for happy hour you're going to get similar pricing, more selection and a better quality drink! It won't even have to be
Wednesday! You'll get a $5 cocktail that's light on the pour and you'll stress out the bar staff because they're overwhelmed with pricks who want to drink cheap and also think that their shit doesn't stink. Happy hour should be enough, even for these guys. They need it all cheaper than cheap. Center City SIPS is bullshit! I was so excited to see that the list of participants has shrunk this year. 

Last year I was talked into visiting SIPS with co-workers on a few occasions and at a few different establishments. I've never seen more people snapping fingers for service...wait, I have seen that...during Restaurant week. 

The point is, find a bar you like and go for the great drinks, go for the atmosphere, go for the great staff, go because it's a great bar! Hell, go to happy hour at that great bar! Just don't perpetuate the idea that SIPS is anything worth a damn. It is not. 

If you find yourself feeling thirsty on a Wednesday after work, here's a list of places you might want to avoid. 

Stay drunk, Bitches! 

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