Monday, August 3, 2015

Atlantic City's Inaugural Cider Social event!

If you need another excuse to get your ass down the shore this weekend, I have one - Cider Social. Mmmm fermented apple juice...I fucking love cider.

Though this event is in it's first year I expect some great things because the line up is pretty great. Some old loves, Woodchuck cider, Commonwealth, Strongbow (though I hate the new recipe), Original Sin, Magners and so many more!

Cider events are great for those of us who don't love beer, but want to drink our faces off at hours long events. What do they call it when it's beer? Sessions. Ah yes, Ciders are session drinks.

There will also be some food, entertainment and other fun. Tickets are on sale for just $45 or if you're the sober bitch you can get your ticket for just $15. They are holding two session times one from 12pm-4pm and another from 7pm-11pm.

Start or end your beach day at the Cider Social in Atlantic City.


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