Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Official This Drunk Bitch Superbowl Drinking Game

Well, bitches, the Superbowl is finally here. If you're not a Broncos fan, Carolina Panthers fan or gambler, odds are you're not terribly interested in the game. We feel you. But here at This Drunk Bitch, we believe that even the Kardashians can become watchable after the right amount of drinks. Here is our Official Drinking Game to enhance your viewing experience.

The Official This Drunk Bitch Superbowl Drinking Game

  • Open a beer at the start of the National Anthem. Finish it by the end.
  • If Clete Blakeman successfully flips the coin, drink.
  • When Cam dabs, finish your beer.
  • Every time the Golden Gate Bridge is shown, drink.
  • Drink every time the announcers speculate on Peyton Manning's retirement.
  • If Peyton Manning scores a touchdown, shout "Omaha!" and take a shot.
  • Drink every time Tom Brady is mentioned.
  • Every time you hear "Riverboat Ron," drink.
  • Drink every time you see Peyton Manning in a Papa John's or Nationwide commercial.
  • Take a shot if Beyonce knocks the power out again.
  • When John Elway is shown, drink.
  • Drink when you see the Budweiser Clydesdales.
  • If a commercial for a macrobrewery is shown trying to make a case for their rotten piss being better than craft beer, finish your delicious 6.8% ABV craft beer.
  • When Cam Newton gives a ball away to a kid, take a shot.

There you have it! Enjoy the Superbowl! Just make sure you eat a lot of snacks because this game might kill you otherwise.

Stay drunk, bitches!

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