Monday, March 14, 2016

The Trestle Inn's 4th Annual Bourbon Battle

This is an event you bourbon drinking animal lovers are simply not allowed to miss! The battle begins Wednesday March 23rd, at 6pm through 9pm at The Trestle Inn - 11th and Callowhill.

The 4th Annual bourbon battle, hosted by The Trestle Inn and sponsored by Woodford Reserve with proceeds benefiting ACCT Philly Pet Food Pantry is always a great time! Cast your vote for the best cocktail and feel really good knowing that $25 of your ticket price is directly helping those in need feed their furry loves.

This year our contenders are:

They've got two new locations participating in the battle this year, and having dined and drank at both I'm really excited to see what they bring. Side note: there are these spinach chips at Charlie was a sinner that are so fucking good I've been dreaming of them since I had them two weeks ago. Mmmmmm so good, so so good. 

Alright the nitty gritty: the tickets aren't going to break your bank, if you buy them ahead of time you're only spending $35 and if you wait until you show up, you're paying $40. I always encourage people to buy tickets in advance, events like this do have limited space and you might be beat if you walk to the Eraserhood thinking you're going to sip your beverages and watch some Go Go without having a purchased a ticket in advance. What your ticket includes - first and foremost it includes Tara and I in attendance which means DRUNK BITCHES! you're also going to get to try all 4 cocktails so you can vote for the winner, complimentary Hors D'oerveres (please note that if you have time to grab a snack before, you may want to, they aren't providing you with dinner), a silent auction and raffle prizes and Go Go dancing! 

This event is such fun every year - and there's hope that we won't be assaulted with too much fucking citrus (I won't name names but JS you know who you are, BACK AWAY FROM THE DAMNED CITRUS.).

We'll see you at the Trestle! Stay drunk, Bitches! 

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